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A Minecraft Character's story: Chapter 2, A New Friend

Steve meets his new friend in this chapter! He needed one...

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avatar PandaFlowwarrior
Level 6 : Apprentice Warrior
Steve was taking a walk near his house when he noticed a figure in the distance. It wasn't the creepy version of himself that he had seen during the first days of what he thought of as his "life" but rather a figure with orange hair, brown pants and a plain green shirt. Her eyes were also green, but a darker shade than her shirt.

She noticed him and started to walk towards him. Steve, who didn't know who this was, was prepared to run, but she looked friendly so he didn't bolt into the trees. The stranger came up to him and smiled. "Hello, my name is Alex." she said to Steve. "What's yours?" Steve decided that this Alex person wasn't going to attack him and he said, "Steve." Alex asked when he got here and Steve said "A few days ago. It was weird. I woke up in a forest and couldn't remember anything but my name." Alex's smile turned into a frown. "Same way I did. But that was years ago, and this is where I live now."

They became friends quite quickly. They fought off mobs together, they took walks together, and they sometimes just sat in the shade of the trees and talked. They even started building a huge house together! But no matter how much time he and Alex spent together, Steve couldn't shake off the feeling that the version of himself with no eyes was watching him, plotting the day Steve died.
CreditMojang, thanks for creating Alex, this chapter wouldn't exist without her.

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