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A Minecraft Character's story: Chapter 3, The Trap

Steve's first death....

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avatar PandaFlowwarrior
Level 6 : Apprentice Warrior
Steve walked through the dark cave, lit by only small, carefully placed torches. He mined for a while, and then something caught his eye. It was a stone block with shiny blue specks in it. He took out his iron pickax and started to mine the strange stone. But as he finished mining it, the floor slid out from beneath him, and he fell into hot, molten lava. He yelled for help, and then everything went black....

Steve opened his eyes. He was on his bed, unharmed. But something was wrong. "My stuff!" Steve yelled out, causing his friend Alex to run in. "What's wrong?!" Alex looked kind of scared, but when she saw it was only Steve, she relaxed. "Your stuff gone?" she asked, sounding kind of amused. Steve nodded and Alex laughed. "Steve, this always happens when you die. I thought you knew." Steve looked kind of sheepish as he told her what had happened. Alex dismissed it as a "troll", a person out to pull pranks. She left the room.

Steve went out on a walk to clear his head later when he saw the creepy version of himself. He confronted the stranger, who introduced itself as Herobrine and then ran off into the mist. Steve then saw a sign nearby that said, "I will destroy you." And everything went black again....

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