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A Minecraft Character's story: Chapter 4, Love and Secrets

Herobrine has scared Steve so much, but can Steve find something to love about his life?

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avatar PandaFlowwarrior
Level 6 : Apprentice Warrior
Steve was pretty mad about dying, again, but he didn't make it a big deal like last time. He went down to the kitchen and saw Alex making cake. "Wow," he thought, "I never noticed, but Alex is really pretty.." "Steve? Are you ok?" It was Alex, placing the cake on the table. Steve snapped out of it and said, "Oh, uh, yeah. Just worried about the version of myself without eyes." Alex stared at him. "You know Herobrine?!" Steve excused himself and walked outside into the beautiful sunshine.

Steve came back home and went inside. Alex had gone to the nearby village to go shopping. But Steve left the door open, and monsters started coming in the house! Steve didn't know how to fight and screamed. He closed his eyes, thinking that he was gonna die for the third time, but it didn't happen. He opened his eyes to see Alex, holding a diamond sword. "Alex....you saved my life." It was night so he went upstairs to get some sleep...

Steve dreamed of endless days with Alex, being together and just loving each other...as he woke up, he wished that his dreams could become reality.

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