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A Minecraft Story: Part 1

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avatar ellacool10
Level 8 : Apprentice Scribe

  “I found a village!” FantasyNerd101 squealed into her headset.

  “Okay, ow,” StarzPlayz404 replied. “Was screaming that way really necessary?”

Even though she knew Starz wouldn’t be able to see it, Fantasy shrugged. “I’ve been looking for a while. It’s a pretty big thing for me. It hasn’t even been raided!”

  “Really?” Starz sounded as surprised as Fantasy felt. “Okay, fine then. You had a good reason to squeal. Where are you compared to our base?”

  “Um…” I should have checked that, Fantasy thought as she pulled a compass out of her inventory. After watching the sun to see which way it was moving, she made her guess. “North, I think. In a taiga biome.”

  “Okay, I’m on my way. Please don’t take anything before I get there.”

  “Why do we have to take anything?” Fantasy asked him as she moved her player down the gravel paths, looking at the cobblestone houses. “We could just stay and trade with the villagers.”

  “Do you realize how long it would take to move everything?” Starz sighed. “Besides, what’s your problem with raiding a village? It’s not like the villagers would miss anything.” Fantasy knew he was right, but she still didn’t like it. She firmly believed that the villagers did feel in some way; that they were put into Minecraft for a greater purpose than to give the player something to destroy.

  “I don’t know,” she lied, not wanting Starz to think of her as a little dreamy kid. “I just don’t like destroying them.”

  “You don’t like destroying anything,” he said. “Can’t you just give it a try?”

  “I don’t want to,” Fantasy declared stubbornly. “I found this village so I claim it and forbid you from destroying it. So there.”

  “That’s not how this server works, Fan,” he said. “It’s kind of a free-for-all thing.”

  “I know,” Fantasy sighed. “It’s just-” she stopped suddenly when she saw the NPC, and even more just like it. “Hey Starz?”


  “I think something’s wrong with this village.”


  “You’re right,” Starz said once he had arrived. “That isn’t normal.”

  “Really?” Fantasy replied sarcastically. “I hadn’t noticed.” The NPC was wearing an all-black robe, a kind that didn’t exist in the game. Starz was currently pushing it into a corner, trying to fence it in.

  “No need for sarcasm,” he said now. “Do you think it’s some kind of glitch?”

  “That’s the only possibility I can think of,” Fantasy said. “Do you think we should report it?”

  “Let’s check it out more first,” Starz firmly stated. “Can you trade with it?”

  “I can see if I can,” Fantasy sighed. I really don’t like this though. Even though her insides were screaming report it, she right-clicked the villager.

  “Well?” Starz asked.

  “I can,” she replied, shocked. “It… it wants to trade me command blocks.”

  “What? You’re joking, right?”

  “No, I’m not.” Fantasy could hear her voice shaking. “This server doesn’t have cheats enabled, right?”

  “Right.” Starz voice was shaking too; he must have opened the trading menu.

  "And this is a pure vanilla Minecraft server, isn't it?”

  “It is.”

  “So can we report this now?” Fantasy begged. “This has got to be a hacker.”

  “No, and I agree,” Starz replied. “Let’s check some of the other black-robed villagers; see what they have to trade.”

  “Fine,” Fantasy replied, despite that being the last thing she wanted to do. Starz left the building, and Fantasy followed. After wandering off a bit and finding another villager, she right-clicked it. Barrier blocks? That wasn’t right. But what could it mean? She continued searching for more of these strange villagers, checking what they had to trade. Spawn eggs? Spawners? Lava buckets? Music discs?

  As Fantasy kept searching, it began to become repetitive. Only one thing was clear: no villager should have been trading any of these items.

  “This is way to weird,” Starz said. “Most of these items are impossible to get in survival without cheats.”

  “Way to state the obvious,” Fantasy replied, unable to think of anything else to say. “Can we please report this now?”

  “Maybe we should…” Starz finally admitted.


  “Is that a command block?” Starz said, the idea of reporting this clearly forgotten.

  “Well there are creepy villagers trading them, so if someone has been here then-”

  “I think it is,” Starz interrupted again. “There’s a button on it, too.”

  “Really?” Fantasy said. While all of this was creepy, the button made her curious. “I call pressing it before you.”

  “You are totally welcome to do that,” Starz said. “This is officially a bit too much for me.” Fantasy found him quickly, and she spotted the button even faster.

  “Stone on wood? It’s standing out so much I feel like it begging me to press it,” Fantasy said.

  “Then go for it,” Starz replied. After a moment’s hesitation, she right-clicked.

  A message appeared on the screen; Transporting user in 10…

  “That’s weird,” Fantasy said.





  “It’s supposedly-” 6… “Transporting me-” 5… somewhere.”


  “Let’s find out-” 3… “where then.” 2…



  Transport ready.

  The last thing Fantasy heard was herself gasping.


  “So what do we do?” Fantasy heard someone ask as she woke up.

  “Honestly?” a second voice said. “I have no clue. Like I said earlier, the Great One has given me basic instructions, but not many. I don’t think he ever expected to get two at the same time either. We can only send one to him.” What? Fantasy was now panicking, and she opened her eyes. She still couldn’t see. She tried to move her arms, but that wasn’t working any better. They were pinned to the ground. What’s happening? Where am I?

  “Let’s just keep them here for now,” the first voice said. “It’s probably our best option. There’s a meeting tonight anyways, right?” He paused for a moment. “Okay, then, I’ll take both of them from here.”

  Fantasy was done remaining silent. “Where?”

  “She’s awake,” the second voice said.

  “I could tell.”
  “And I can hear you,” Fantasy said. Whether it was smart or not, she was determined to keep going until someone answered her.

  “That means the boy will wake up soon as well, won’t he?” The second asked.

  “You may want to hurry,” the first said.

  “Will someone tell me something?!” Fantasy said, even more loudly this time. Both the people who had been talking remained silent, and Fantasy felt to floor beneath her moving. “Please?” Still no response. Eventually, everything was once again still.

  “Can you at least tell me something?” She asked. She heard glass break nearby, and she could see again. A moment later, she could move her arms, then her legs. Why does everything look so blocky? She was in a room, and iron door on one wall and stone everywhere else. The floor was stone as well, and someone one lying a few feet away from her.

  “Starz?” She whispered. It was him, but, well, it was… him in Minecraft. His blocky head with brown hair and a blue shirt with jeans. If he opened his eyes, she knew they would be green. Am I stuck in Minecraft? She was crying when Starz woke up.

  “We’re in Minecraft, aren’t we?” He asked a minute later.

  Fantasy only nodded.

  Thank you for reading this story! For those of you who are mad at me for cutting you off like this, fear not! I plan on continuing this story once a week for quite a while. I hope you enjoy!


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