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A Minecraft Story: Part 10

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avatar ellacool10
Level 12 : Journeyman Scribe
Finally! It's about time! Here we go, and here's Part One if you're new and Part Nine if you missed it.

  What am I doing? Fantasy thought, pausing briefly as she dug through the chest in the back of her tent. Herowryn had left her with plenty of supplies in case something went wrong, and Fantasy was pretty sure that this situation was bad enough for them to be used. Do I really think I can do this?

  She had faced off against Herobrine before, and had almost died. It had been Herowryn that saved her. Did she really think that she could break into anything that could hold someone so powerful back?

  I’ll find a way, she thought, picking up a diamond sword she found at the bottom of the chest. I have to. Herowryn saved me, I should do the same for her. And I have to find Starz.

  She had found a full set of iron armor as well, and she quickly put it on. It felt uncomfortable -- big, bulky, and heavy, -- but it also provided a sense of comfort. She would be safer with it on. And, surprisingly, she could still move quite easily.

  There had also been a lot of food, and some iron tools and torches. She wasn’t sure how, but she had placed them in her inventory so she could go back for them later. Right now, she wanted a sword in her hand. She might not be very good at using it, but it still felt reassuring in the same way the armor did. Fighting was normally Starz thing. She chose to hang back, building and sometimes peacefully exploring. She could barely take on an enderman on her own.

  That brought her back to her first thought. How was she supposed to manage something this crazy? She knew how many dangerous mobs could be in a woodland mansion, which would already be bad enough. But Herobrine would be there too. The myth of Minecraft. The force that many players spoke of in hushed tones in the real world, where he couldn’t even truly reach them.

  I have to try, Fantasy thought, finally standing up and walking toward the open end of the wool tent. Herowryn said that Herobrine didn’t actually want to kill me, right?

  Then again, hadn’t she also believed that she could stand up against Herobrine? She wouldn’t have gone to try to get Starz otherwise, would she? That would be crazy.

  Which means your being crazy.

  Surprisingly, the thought didn’t make her hesitate this time. Instead, for whatever reason, she laughed, stepping out of the tent and heading west, the direction she had seen Herowryn go before. I’ve got to be going insane.

  And yet, she began slowly walking west, toward the woodland mansion that she knew was out there somewhere.


  Herobrine sat with his eyes closed, although he could still see. He didn’t see the stone and wood walls that surrounded him as he sat in the woodland mansion he had claimed as a temporary base, but he instead saw a forest of birch trees. And, although he was sitting, he appeared to be moving.

  The experience was still strange to him, even though he had been doing it for years now. It was how he knew about what had happened to his friend who had once come into the game with him. It was how he had known that Herowryn had been coming to try and rescue Starz.

  And now it was how he knew that Fantasy was going to try to save him too.

Herobrine snorted as he opened his eyes, once again in the empty room he had decided to use while looking through Fantasy’s eyes to see what she was up to. Aaron glanced up from his book, eyeing his master before glancing down again.

  “What do you find so humorous?” the illager asked, his tone flat. I really do need to replace him, Herobrine thought. He simply doesn’t fear me enough. He’s far too confident.

  “You remember Fantasy, the girl Herowryn rescued?”

  “Yes…” Aaron was still clearly absorbed in his book, only half listening. Herobrine sighed, waving a hand, and the book vanished. Aaron jumped back for a moment, then almost glared before thinking better of it.

  “She apparently thinks that she can come here and rescue Herowryn and her friend on her own,” Herobrine said, choosing to ignore the illager’s attitude for the time being. It wouldn’t be hard to take care of him later.

  The thought caused Aaron to laugh as well. “Well, at least she’ll be back where you can keep an eye on her easily.”

  “I could before,” Herobrine replied. “But it will be nice to not have to rely on invading her dreams to talk to her. Besides, Herowryn seems to still be managing to block most of my interactions with her still.”

  Aaron now sighed. “She’s more powerful than you give her credit for, Great One. Just in a different way from you.”

  “No,Herobrine told him, keeping his voice calm. “I refuse to accept that as possible. She is capable, true, but nowhere near as strong as me.”

  “I wouldn’t be so sure,” Aaron replied. “After all, wasn’t she the one who originally-”

  “Don’t speak of that!” Herobrine snapped, losing his temper for a moment before calming down. “I don’t care what happened in the past. Despite what you are trying to tell me, I am stronger.”

  “Of course, Great One,” the illager said, finally beginning to look a little nervous. “I simply meant that Herowryn might have better control of her powers than you. If she can channel them the way she does-”

  “Enough!” Herobrine whipped out a diamond sword, swinging at the illager. He pulled out an iron ax, attempting to block the blow, and mostly succeeding. He even managed to summon a few vexes, but Herobrine recovered quickly, twisting his sword around Aaron’s weapon and delivering three quick blows. The illager flashed red, then disappeared, dropping only a totem of undying.

  Herobrine ignored the item, putting his sword away and walking toward the door. He pulled it open quickly, startling the illager that had been keeping watch. He walked out into the hallway as the guard glanced into the room. He turned back, his question showing in his eyes.

  “Aaron has been… dismissed,” Herobrine said, his tone indicating that the illager should not press further. “Do me a favor. Notify Chris that he will be taking place.”

  “Of course, Great One,” the guard said, beginning to dash down the hallway in the opposite direction.

  “Wait!” Herobrine called, suddenly remembering something. The guard immediately stopped, turning around. “Have him alert the rest of the staff here that I’m going to meet with Herowryn, and am not to be disturbed unless StarzPlayz404 does something stupid, or FantasyNerd101 arrives.”

  The illager was clearly confused, but nodded anyway. “Of course, Great One,” he said before continuing his dash down the hallway. Chris will be a better servant anyways, Herobrine thought, walking down the hall. And I have a meeting with Herowryn to prepare for.
  First of all, something is glitching out right now, so this whole end thing might be written in italics. Please ignore. And now we continue.
  So... Yay! Double digits! Look how far we've come. Also, I think this is our first death. So... slightly yes yay?
  Anyways, I wanted to say that I'm soooo sorry it took so long to get this out. I had complete writers block for a while, and working on anything was next to impossible. Especially this project. Fantasy is a very hard character to write with, and I needed to use her for this part, as you can see. After that, summer started, and my life got pretty chaotic. I finally have a few days of downtime, so I'm getting this out and I'll probably have a writing marathon.
  Again, I'm really sorry it took me so long to get this out. And, since I am publishing this today, happy Forth of July everyone! Well, everyone reading this who celebrates it anyway. And enjoy summer!

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07/07/2019 12:17 pm
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07/06/2019 12:19 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Archer
I feel like some of that chaos was me... sorry!
07/06/2019 12:22 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Scribe
You're fine. You weren't the chaos mentioned, I promise.

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