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A Minecraft Story: Part 4

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avatar ellacool10
Level 8 : Apprentice Scribe
  So I just had a thought: what is some of you just found this part, and not any others? I'm not big on explaining things, so you'd be clueless. Because of that, I thought I'd add in a few links to the previous parts of my story:
Part 1
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  Now go ahead and read on!
  “What would I have to give up if I accepted your offer?” StarzPlayz404 asked Herobrine as they sat down on opposite sides of the large table map. It seemed more detailed than it should be, but he’d have to ask FantasyNerd101 before he could be sure. Just thinking of her made him nervous right now, though, so he pushed the thought of her out of his mind.

  “Not much,” Herobrine replied, using the same calm voice he always spoke in. “You would have to stay in Minecraft, but that’s about it.”

  “What would I become?” That was the question Starz had been avoiding, but it needed to be asked now. Herobrine said he had accepted the offer, and he was now here hiding more than a few dark secrets.

  “At first, I’m honestly not completely sure. Eventually, when I die, you would become the next Herobrine.”

  “Wait… what?” Not worth it, Starz decided.

  “You don’t truly change,” Herobrine answered. “You keep your memories, and your personality remains the same.”

  “So you’ve always been a sly, cheating, jerkface that threatens the friends of users?”

  “I know you’re frustrated right now, so I’ll try to forget that.” Herobrine’s voice was still calm, although he did frown. “However, this conversation is over.” With that, Herobrine got up and left the room, leaving Starz alone. Aaron came into the room a few moments later.

  “Fantasy wants to see you,” the illager said. “Would you like me to take you to her?” Starz nodded. He didn’t care what everyone said; he needed to tell her about Herobrine.

  “I need to tell you something,” Starz said as soon as the door closed behind him. Fantasy was perched nervously on the edge of a large bed, her legs bouncing rapidly.

  “Ok,” she said. “Is this about earlier?” She asked, a reminder that he wasn’t supposed to be telling her anything.

  “Unfortunately, yes. You see, Herob-”

  “You were told not to tell her!” Aaron burst into the room, cutting off Starz. Starz whipped around, now facing the door, and saw Fantasy move farther back onto the bed reflexively.

  “Were you listening to us?” Starz shouted back. “ And why can’t she know? She’s stuck here with me; my decision affects her too!” A quick look at Fantasy let Starz know that she was now nervous, curious, and confused. But mostly curious.

  “What don’t I know?” She asked, the burning curiosity Starz was used to seeing reflected in her eyes.

  “Nothing that concerns you,” Aaron said, now grabbing Starz and pulling him out of the room. At first, Starz fought back, but then he looked over Aaron’s shoulder to find Herobrine standing just beyond the doorway, out of Fantasy’s view. His calmness was gone, replaced with livid anger.

  Try me, his glare seemed to say. You’ve already crossed a line. Starz, still fighting against Aaron, glared back. Fantasy was saying something in the background, and Aaron shouted a response. But Starz was focused on Herobrine.

  Don’t even try. The words entered Starz mind, still in Herobrine’s voice. Yes, it’s me. The girl already have to pay for your actions now. Behave, and I’ll spare her. Starz seemed to go… numb. What did Herobrine mean by that? Would Herobrine hurt Fantasy if he didn’t listen? Starz didn’t remember anything in the next few minutes, just letting Aaron pull him back upstairs, and sitting down. Moments later, Herobrine came into the room.

  “Really, Starz?” He was calm again now. “I expected so much more from you.”

  “What… what are you going to do to her?” Starz’s words were quiet, barely more than a whisper.

  “For now, as you listened in the end, she will be kept in a room on the bottom floor, and you will be required to stay on the top floor. If you listen, we’ll see if that can change.”

  “What’s your problem?” Starz asked, his voice beginning to grow louder, though still shocked. “Why can’t she know what’s going on?”

  “She won’t help me the way you will,” Herobrine answered. “I have different plans for her, plans I’m not yet willing to share with you. However, if you accepted the deal…” Herobrine sat there, clearly watching to see how Starz would react.

  Starz paused, thinking. He didn’t know how far Herobrine was willing to go, but he clearly wasn’t beneath threats. It might be best to try to remain neutral for now, he decided.

  “I see,” Herobrine said now. “Yes, I read your mind again. I have to admit, your smarter than most of the users I’ve met. That could serve you well. Or, if you’re not careful, it could destroy you.” With that, Herobrine got up and left the room.

  Fantasy just laid there. Right now, that was about all she wanted to do. She had no answers to any of the questions she had asked as Aaron lead her down the hall, other than no, she would not be able to see Starz. Now, she was lying on a small bed staring at the ceiling of a windowless room.

  What had Starz wanted to tell her? Why did no one want her to know? The questions kept swirling, a sea of suspense corrupting all other thoughts. Sighing, Fantasy rolled over, now staring at the door once again. What would happen if she tried to leave?

  She was just about to try going through the door when a strange popping noise came from behind her. What the… Fantasy went stiff, slowly turning over until she was facing the opposite wall. She watched as cracks slowly appeared in the flawless wood, spreading slowly. Uh oh… The wood fell away, revealing white eyes.

  “Please don’t scream!” A worried voice belonging to the white-eyed figure said. “I promise, I’m here to help.” The figure stepped out of the hole she had made, revealing an Alex skin, the white eyes still glowing. “I can explain everything. But you need to come with me first.”

  Fantasy paused for a moment, thinking. Should she go? This looked more promising than sitting here moping, but certainly more dangerous.

  “I won’t hurt you,” she said, as if reading her thoughts. “Promise. You’re in more danger here than you are with me.”

Fantasy finally made up her mind, too curious to turn this down. She slowly stood up, then walked toward the Alex figure.   “Promise?”

  “Promise,” she assured her. Then she turned into the tunnel and disappeared. “Coming?” Her voice echoed.

  Taking a deep breath, Fantasy crept through.

  Yay! You made it to the end! Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to read my story. I can even begin to describe how much it means to me. I still plan on continuing (obviously) and I hope to have this updated by the 30th. However, with it being Christmas time, I can't guarantee anything.
  Please, please, please leave feedback, even if it's something like "I don't like this story because ______" I would appreciate a reason. Seriously. Also, if you enjoyed, leave a diamond!


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Is this Alex-skinned person Alexbrine? Or something else I haven't heard of from anywhere else on the internet? This is why this series is so interesting. You have so many original ideas, ideas I haven't thought of or seen anywhere. Oh, and it IS Christmas time, so Happy Holidays! :)
  • ellacool10
  • Level 8
  • Apprentice Scribe
  • December 19, 2018, 4:29 pm
I like to keep things mysterious, so you'll learn more in the next few parts. Thank you for the compliments, and happy holidays to you, too!

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