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A Minecraft Story: Part 6

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avatar ellacool10
Level 9 : Apprentice Scribe
  Hello again! Once again, I'm starting this off with links. I'm going to have a begging moment first though, and ask that you please do not read a single word farther without catching up on the previous parts. You'll understand so much more and be so much happier if you do. So here's a link to Part 1, and here's Part 5. Now, if you're caught up on those, enjoy!

  Fantasy’s eyes snapped shut again as soon as she opened them. I seriously can’t be… However, when Fantasy opened her eyes again, she found she was floating in the void.

  “You’ve got to be kidding me!” she yelled, her voice seeming to float away.

  “It’s not what it appears to be,” a someone said from behind Fantasy. She whipped around, somehow, to find Herowryn behind her.

  Fantasy groaned, “Seriously? You’re here too?”

  “I know you have mixed opinions about me, but honestly. I’m here to help you. This is only a dream. Here.” As Herowryn said the words, a lush, green jungle appeared around them. “Better?”

  “Barely,” Fantasy grumbled.

  “You’re in a safe location now,” Herowryn replied calmly. Would you rather talk outside of your dream?”

  “Yes, yes I would.” This is creepy, Fantasy added on in her head.

  Everything started to fade away, including Herowryn, leaving Fantasy floating in darkness.

  She could tell she was about to wake up when it all snapped back.

  “Herowryn!” A voice called from somewhere Fantasy couldn’t see. “I know you can still hear me. Show yourself now!”

  “Or else what?” Herowryn’s voice echoed across the jungle, although Fantasy couldn’t see her either. What’s happening?  Fantasy asked herself as panic flooded her senses.

  “I control this dream now!” The first voice snapped. “You left it, it’s mine! Don’t force my hand.”

  “You force your own!”

  “Very well then.” Fantasy felt her stomach lurch, and suddenly she was in a cave. Right next to lava.

  She screamed. She could feel the heat from it, threatening to melt her without even making contact. Fantasy quickly started to scramble away, but a wall appeared in front of her before she could get more than a few blocks. What’s happening? she screamed again, beginning to stumble away from the wall, realizing her mistake right as someone caught her.

  “Herowryn?” she asked hopefully.

  “Unfortunately for you, no,” he said as he let go. Fantasy screamed once again, but started floating before she hit the lava. She tried to turn around to see who it was, but found that she could no longer move. She was frozen, helpless, as she floated above the lava. She couldn’t even speak.

  “This is your last chance, Herowryn!” he shouted.

  “What do you want?”

  “What do you think?”

  Herowryn remained silent for a moment.

  Remember, Herowryn’s voice ran through Fantasy’s head. This is still technically your dream. Wake yourself up!

  How!? Fantasy mentally replied, desperately wishing Herowryn would answer. Of course she didn’t.

  “Can we find another way to do this?” Herowryn asked the other person now.

  “No,” he responded. “And I’m giving you ten more seconds. Ten…”

  I can’t think of anything! Fantasy snapped inside her head.


  What normally wakes you up? Herowryn finally replied. Fantasy thought for a moment, eight and seven passing by as she did so.

  Almost dying, she eventually admitted.


  That’s really risky, Herowryn told her, stating the obvious.


  Do I have another choice?

  “Four… Three…”


  “Two… Last chance to save her!”

  “I can’t!” Herowryn replied, her voice panicked even with their plan.

  “Fine then. One.”

  Fantasy felt herself drop, heard herself scream, and felt the heat from the lava.

  She woke up in a tent, Herowryn asleep beside her.


  Herowryn snapped awake a moment later, her eyes appearing a little foggy as she scanned the green-wool-tent.

  “Oh, thank goodness!” she shouted when she saw Fantasy. “You are alive!”

  “But it was just a dream,” Fantasy said, finally letting that truth sink in. “How could I die in a dream?”

  “Dreams work differently here,” Herowryn replied, sitting up. “They’re just as real as anything else. Haven’t you wondered why villagers don’t have beds?”

  The statement made almost no sense to Fantasy, but she had gotten the information she wanted, and there were other things that concerned her more. So she eventually just said “Yeah. I guess it makes sense now.”

  Herowryn smiled. “I’d ask if your hungry, but I have a feeling you just want to learn more right now.”

  Fantasy nodded; Herowryn wasn’t wrong. She immediately rushed into her first question. “Who was that guy?”

  “Herobrine,” Herowryn replied, her voice bitter. “I knew he wanted you more than he claimed to.”

  “What’s that supposed to mean?” Fantasy asked, quickly growing nervous.

  “He was going to trick me into thinking you were dead,” Herowryn replied. “He wasn’t expecting you to wake up, though. I don’t think he thought you were in the same room as me either.”

  “But why does he want me?”

  Herowryn didn’t answer immediately. “I’m not sure.”


  “I know it looks bad,” Herowryn said.

  “It looks more than bad,” Fantasy interrupted. This is like a book come true, Fantasy thought. And I want out.

  “I know. But you’re somewhere safe now. And we’ll figure this out.”

  “Will we? And Am I actually safe?”

  “For now at least.”

  “You’re not helping!” Fantasy snapped.

  “But I am being honest,” Herowryn told her, inching closer. “I’m not going to lie to you; this will be tough. But we can manage.”

  “For some reason, I seriously doubt that,” Fantasy replied.

  “If it makes you feel better you can bombard me with questions,” Herowryn told her.

  “Great,” Fantasy replied, keeping her voice flat. “First question. What’s going to happen to Starz?”

  “I was afraid you’d ask that,” Herowryn mumbled. “Are you sure you want to know?”


  “Alright. I’m pretty sure Herobrine wants to replace himself with Starz.”

  “WHAT?!” Fantasy shouted, her thoughts scrambling.

  “I was afraid you would say that.”

  “How is that even possible?”

  “He just has to either get Starz to take the role voluntarily or get him to stay here long enough.”

  “Then we need to get him out!” Fantasy shouted, springing up. Herowryn grabbed her before she got far.

  “We need a plan first,” Herowryn said.

  “Fine,” Fantasy said, sitting back down. I just wished I knew that he was ok.

  “You can,” Herowryn said. “Sorry, reading your thoughts again.”

  “Will you stop that?”

  “Force of habit!” Herowryn declared defensively. “Anyway, next time he falls asleep, I can slip you into his dream so you can talk to him.”

  “Great,” Fantasy said. “What time is it?”

  “Almost dark.”

  “So he should fall asleep soon?”

  “In theory,” Herowryn replied. “We just have to remain patient.”

  Fantasy groaned.

  “Wait,” Herowryn said suddenly. “He just fell asleep.”

  “Great! Let’s hurry this thing up.”

  Herowryn nodded. “Let’s talk to Starz.”


  And we've had our first near-death encounter. Thankfully, Fantasy has survived, so the show can go on! Thank you everyone for taking the time for reading this, and special thanks to PandaFlowwarrior for supporting me from the start. Without you, I might not have continued. Well, time to stop blabbering here. Onto the next part!


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I don't need thanks. I really love this series and will support it until it's over.

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