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A Minecraft Story: Part 7

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avatar ellacool10
Level 8 : Apprentice Scribe
  Ok, here's the deal. Do not read a word farther unless you have read all the previous parts of this series. I'll even provide links. Here's Part 1, and here's Part 6. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  “Starz!” a voice called, piercing the black fog surrounding him. How did I get here? He thought, looking around. “Starz?”

  The voice was louder the second time, clearly getting closer. And with it came colors, rushing toward Starz, a single figure in front of them all. Someone that looked a lot like… “Fantasy!”

  She smiled, seeming to speed up, the colors rushing in front of her and surrounding them both with a flower forest. “Thank goodness!” she sighed, practically bouncing. “Herowryn said it might not work, but I-”

  “Woah, slow down, Fan,” Starz interrupted, using his nickname for her. Normally, it drove Fantasy crazy, but this time she ignored it. “Hero-who-now?”

  “Herowryn. She - well, it’s complicated - but she helped me escape. Which reminds me,” Fantasy took a deep breath, suddenly becoming much more serious. “I came to warn you. You need to get out of there.”

  “Well, duh, I figured that out,” Starz replied. “I mean, no normal person locks you in a room and threatens other people. But seriously, who is Herowryn?”

  “I am,” a new voice replied, and Alex-skin with white eyes appearing between him and Fantasy.

  “What the!” Starz stumbled backwards, falling on the ground. “Who are you?”

  “I already said,” she replied, a faint smile causing her lips to twitch. “Herowryn.”

  “I think she’s on our side,” Fantasy said, answering Starz unasked question. “She saved me, and gave me a way to talk to you. So I’m willing to give her a chance.”

  Herowryn nodded. “Wisely put. Now, while I’d love this reunion to last, we must move on to more pressing topics. Herobrine is trying to get you to take his place.”

  “I think I put that together already,” Starz replied, standing up. “Anything I don’t know?”

  “Herobrine can invade dreams?” Fantasy told him.

  “Knew that too.”

  “Was I seriously the only one who knew nothing?!”

  “Herobrine was purposefully keeping you in the dark,” Herowryn interjected. “And there’s still plenty that neither of you know.   Which reminds me. Do you know where you’re being held, Starz?”

  “Um… somewhere in a woodland mansion,” he replied. Herowryn was starting to ask to many questions for comfort. But if   Fantasy trusted her, he’d give it a try. And it was sounding like anywhere was a better place to be than where he was now.

  “Which floor?” Herowryn asked.


  “Soul sand,” Herowryn mumbled.

  “I’m assuming that’s a bad thing?” Fantasy said.

  “Yep. I’m going to have a hard time getting him out. Ugh, I’m going to go start preparing. Get out of this dream as fast as you can.”

  “Why?” Starz asked.

  “Herobrine took over last time,” Herowryn replied. “I almost lost Fantasy. Not risking that again.”

  “Wait WHAT???” Starz asked before Herowryn could leave. “What do you mean you almost lost her?!”

  “Herobrine tried to teleport her back,” Herowryn replied. “But she’s fine.”

Starz turned to Fantasy. “Are you?”

  She nodded. “And I have an escape plan in case he comes back. I’m not useless, Starz.”

  “I didn’t mean-”

  Fantasy offered a small smile. “I get it; it’s fine. But we should hurry.”

  Herowryn nodded. “We should. Farewell, young user. And good luck.”

  Fantasy and Herowryn faded away, leaving Starz standing in the middle of a bunch of flowers. He was starting to wonder how to leave when he heard someone behind him.

  “It appears Fantasy has already left,” Herobrine said, his voice flat, as usual. “She chose a lovely setting.”

  “What do you want?” Starz asked, sarcasm leaking into his question.

  “Simple,” Herobrine stood upright, taking a few steps closer. “You tell me everything you think they know and you know.”

  “Why should I do that?”

  “You already seem to know,” Herobrine replied, a slight, cold smile creeping across his shaded face. “And you’re right. I would do that again.”

  “Will you quit reading my mind?!” Starz had, in fact, been thinking of what Herobrine had tried to do to Fantasy.

  “I will when it stops benefiting me. Look, I’m not the bad person that you have made me out to be. I’m just the one who’s willing to take the measures that must be taken.”

  “So you’re willing to harm my friend and trap me here?!”

  “If that’s what it comes down to, yes,” Herobrine sighed, his smile becoming a deep frown. “I do want more for you, Starz. But you need to listen to me. So here’s a trade, and I think you’ll find this one fair. You tell me what just happened, and I’ll answer one question. And Fantasy won’t have to pay for your stubbornness.”

  “Only if you answer the question first.”

  “Fine. Ask away.”

  Um… what now? Starz asked himself. There were so many things he wanted answers to, but which was most urgent?

  “What happens if we stay in Minecraft for too long?” Starz asked, hoping he wouldn’t regret the question.

Herobrine seemed to freeze for a moment, as if he was surprised by the question.

  “You would still be just fine ‘in-game,’ but your physical body would perish,” he eventually answered.


  “It’s more complicated than that, I assure you.”

  “Do you think I care?” Starz practically laughed, feeling like he was going crazy. He had to be imagining this, right? None of this could be real. It wasn’t logical. It didn’t make sense. “How much longer do I have? What’s happening to me right now? How do I-”

  “I said I would answer one question,” Herobrine interrupted. “And clearly, you have far too much on your mind. So I’m going to exit this dream and give you some time to think.” Then everything around Starz faded away.


  “He’s cryptic sometimes, isn’t he?” someone asked as Starz sat up. “Trust me, you’re not the only one annoyed about how little you know.

  Aaron, the summoner, was sitting on the other side of the room, flipping through a book.

  “Why are you even in here?” Starz asked, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. How long had Aaron been here?

  “I thought you might want someone to talk to when you woke up,” he replied, setting down the book. “Herobrine can be… frustrating.”

  “Don’t you work for him?”

  Aaron seemed to freeze. “That doesn’t matter.” The words were rushed, as if he were lying. “Just know that I’m here if you need to voice any concerns.”

  Give me a moment! The voice suddenly ran through Starz head.
  “What?” he asked.

  “I’m willing to try and help you the best I can.”

  “No, it’s not that, I-”

  Stop talking! The mental voice snapped. I need to concentrate.

  “What’s wrong?”

  Starz shook his head, looking around the room. There was no one else there.

  So where was the voice coming from?

  Oh, wait a second, it said, suddenly much more calm. I think I already reached him. Sorry, Fantasy. Starz? Can you hear me? If so, don’t say anything.

  I can hear you, Starz replied mentally, unsure exactly what she meant. Wait… who on Earth are you?

It’s Herowryn. Look, I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stay in touch. Are you with someone?

  Yeah, Starz replied, figuring listening to her was better than enduring Aaron’s stare. Why?

  Try to distract them, Herowryn told him. I’m gonna try something.

  How am I supposed to do that?

  There was no answer.

  Fine then, Starz thought. I’ll just let him keep staring at me. The moment seemed to drag on forever, and Starz was starting to squirm. Aaron continued to bore into him.

  Got it! Herowryn’s voice returned a moment later. I know where you are!


  Tracked your thoughts. Get ready, Starz. In a couple nights, we’ll be there to rescue you.

  Another week, another part added. This time, I want to thank StarzPlays404, previously known as RainbowKittyJam, for loving me writing so much that she changed her username to match her favorite character's. It really means a lot to me. The rest of you, thanks for reading. Please leave feedback, as well as a diamond if you enjoyed!

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