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A Minecraft theory I thought up weeks ago

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avatar Ecolo
Level 26 : Expert Ninja
A/N: 6 years later and I’m still thinking about this game. Wait what?

People say the end is just space, and the nether is just the core of the Minecraft planet, but is this really true?

Firstly, let’s debunk the nether being the core of the planet theory. First off, for life to exist at the core, it would need to be able to survive an ENORMOUS amount of pressure, like well over the amount of pressure at the bottom of the real life Mariana Trench. Pigmen, which look exactly anatomically alike to the in-game humanoid Steve, would definitely not be able to evolve the same under these harsh conditions. And even if they did have magical adamantium skeletons and the strength to literally carry thousands of tons with every step, how could they survive the intense heat? In order to melt an entire cubic meter of water in a near instant, not only would it take an amount of energy beyond comprehension, but the heat required would be absolutely insane, so much so that molecular structures would be literally unable to form whatsoever. At best, if the nether was realistic, it would basically have collapsed into a ball of plasma long ago, and everything will have long been dead. This can’t be debunked by saying gravity and temperature aren’t considered in game either, because they are. If not, no Minecraft sun would exist, and sand and gravel would just float.

Therefore, I’d like to propose an alternative theory. What if the nether is actually the future? The future where the world eater (will get to that later) won and the entire world fell into an apocalyptic state? There’s a few things backing this up, first off, nether fortresses exist, again, if this was truly the core, they would’ve long melted. Secondly, the existence of pigmen and skeletons hints towards this also being an apocalyptic future rather than a core. Tell me, how could DNA of surface creatures not only fall all the way down, Undamaged, but also manage to survive in these incredibly harsh environments? The answer, they don’t. Thirdly, on a geological basis, the blocks appear to behave mostly similar to their overworked counterparts, netherrack looks almost exactly like cobblestone, magma blocks are easily found in the overworld in oceans, and mushrooms still continue to grow as if nothing’s amiss and they’re still on their normal smooth stone growing surfaces.

Secondly, let’s touch on the end. As far as this theory, I believe that the end is far in the future, but also logical arguments could be made for the past as well (depending on interpretation), however, I believe it’s more likely in the future for reasons I will discuss shortly.

The end being in the future, you ask? What might prove this?

The answer: Endermen

Considering endermen bear a striking resemblance to humans, but are taller, more hardy, don’t need to eat, don’t need to drink, don’t need to eliminate, can teleport at will with a seemingly unlimited number of times, and have created inter-dimensional portals and are highly capable of doing so. These are the main reasons why I believe that endermen are simply humans far progressed in evolution and gained new abilities based off their environment, which their weaknesses tie into: can’t stay out in sun? Why would you need to if you’re a space faring race who lives in a future with no sun. Can’t touch water without getting hurt? Why would you need to If there’s none in your home dimension and you never need to drink it. Getting irrationally angry at anything that stares at you? Who knows? In enderman culture, maybe staring at someone is considered a direct sign of aggression, or disrespect; tying into this, maybe looking at them with a pumpkin on your head doesn’t warrant aggression because it’s an old custom of the race’s culture. Most strikes against this theory on that basis can be easily and simply explained.

Now, here’s part 2, and now I’ll get into what I think happened to the Minecraft universe in the first place:

So, long ago, humans were a dominant species, people such as Steve roamed the planet daily, building the villages you see in game, among being the proprietors of the ships that now are shipwrecks. They existed far across the world, and one ability set them apart from the villager people, they were intelligent, and knew how to build, speak, and prepare more complex meals than basic crops and cooked meat.

Unfortunately though, a cataclysm was soon to arise.

You know how the nether has the wither, a highly powerful undead monster that can quickly erase blocks in no time at all and spread an incurable poison across any lifeforms unfortunate enough to cross its path; and how the end has the enderdragon, a massive, highly powerful dragon that can erase all but one type of matter (end stone) that it happens to touch? Well, where’s the similar monster of the overworld? A similar monster of the overworld is never once mentioned, and that might be for a few reasons:

1. It could’ve been slain long ago and the tale was lost to time.

2. It was sealed away in an unknown location (possibly the void).

3. It retreated after the damage was done.

This is the uncertain part, but the important event to this theory is the overall calamity, and whatever monster killed most of the human race and ravaged the world is up to interpretation: want an invisible snake living in the void that surfaces every few millennia to destroy everything it sees and go back down under? Entirely possible. Want a horrific fusion of the wither and enderdragon that was summoned forever ago and totally not everyone in the ass? Sure. Want a terrestrial ancestor of the elder guardian who’s way more powerful than their fish descendants? Could be true.

Anyway, the cataclysm shook the planet… humans were rendered extinct, and most surface structures were all but ruined. Many, many years after the calamity took place, new life arose in the form of villagers and the current mobs seen in the game. The human race was long forgotten, with the exception of one sole survivor… Steve. Steve was transported back in time by the highly advanced ender race in the hopes that he would somehow find a way alter the future and free the ender race from their draconian, invincible overlord, to which the race is mostly a slave to.

This is why Steve is the only human, most biomes are barren, the remaining “humans” (Villagers) are mutated and didn’t manage to evolve past being basically Neanderthals, and why all advances structures and technology (end portals) are buried deep underground in the former houses of the human race. Minecraft is a post-apocalyptic narrative of the last sentient being left alive trying to find a way to fix the world. Really kinda chilling when you think about it…

7 replies

07/11/2019 6:27 am
Level 23 : Expert Blockhead
Diamond for effort, but flawed extensively and to the core. No pun intended.
07/16/2019 2:57 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Y'know, it's only flawed if you think about it in one way. You gotta think other ways about it too and all the other possible reasons why it's not flawed.
07/17/2019 11:52 am
Level 23 : Expert Blockhead
Thinking with a narrow view that doesn't accommodate the issues isn't making it less flawed, it just means you're considering it in an unrealistic vacuum.
07/07/2019 8:40 pm
Level 28 : Expert Scribe
I disagree with you on about half of these points, ask if you want details, but it gives all lore story could provide, in that it's original and consistent with itself. All in all, good enough for a diamond from me.
07/12/2019 6:47 pm
Level 26 : Expert Ninja
It was meant to sort of be an extension of the lore and build off what was already there. That’s also why I tagged as “fanfic” because there’s a bit of liberties taken with the whole overworld monster part.
07/07/2019 11:23 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Ohhh and actually the theory of the Ender dragon and Whither forming together would make sense why you- the player- are trying to kill them; to stop them from merging again!
07/08/2019 1:12 am
Level 26 : Expert Ninja
Good point! I didn’t even think of that!

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