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A Minecraft theory-Mooshroom island


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avatar XkinerCreate
Level 38 : Artisan Zombie
One of the rarest mobs and biome in Minecraft is the Mooshroom island that contains Giant mushrooms mushroom cows mycellium if I spelled it correctly and some small mushrooms.
This biome is the rarest, more rare than a jungle and is as rare as the woodland mansion but this island has a benefit. No mobs spawn on it even monsters even without torches in the night but why?
The place is a hilly or mountainy mycellium a purple grass top in dirt that looks purple with cows so what’s is this thing well based on what it looks like it’s popping particles with a purple color can be a toxic chemical that may be the reason why no mobs can survive this but what about the Mooshroom well they can be a infected cow. That place is a to toxic island and we don’t know what is in the grass it can be nuclear it can be radiation or some virus or bacteria but turns out it’s just fungi yes it’s fungi and the cows can be the only ones that can survive being infected by that kind of fungi just like in the game "The last of us" but the cows doesn’t get mad. The players can also be immune to it while the other animals that gets infected by the fungi might just die and fall in the ground and get sanked into the soil allowing mushrooms to grow on top of them. The particles in the Mooshroom island are fungi that already infecting the entity that steps on it. Zombies can’t stand in this place because they will turn into fungi food, spiders might be irritated from the fungi that sticks in their body that’s why they fled of this place. Creepers are living plants and fungi likes to grow on dead plants so creeper might have the same reaction when seeing the island the same as seeing cats. Skeleton in the game is needed to create bone meal so this might be the reason why there are giant mushrooms in the biome those are skeleton bones that fertilized the mushrooms for them to grow and there are no other types of food in the biome so other animals will just starve and die. Maybe the cow adopted and survive from eating the mushrooms. While sheep die from eating the grass in the mycellium or they don’t like the texture because it’s doesn’t look like grass. Eating a mooshroom milked stew is equal to eating a bowl of stocked fungi in a cows body that is waiting for you to eat a rotten flesh so that they will grow in your stomach
Sadly this place is not good for spooktober because the skeletons won't last long here And no plants will service including Pamplona but of course the mushroom will.
CreditBy Vincent Bebis

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10/12/2019 10:20 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Loremaster
I made a report explaining the mushroom islands as some of the last remaining relics from an ancient age when giant fungi were plentiful. you might like it.
10/10/2019 6:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
I too share a head lore that its an invasive biome if given a chance. Game Mode 4 has the fun Shroomite that can turn grass blocks into mycellium and on the rare chance turn cows to mooshrooms. If the idea is expanded that mooshrooms (and add in cluckshrooms now) trample down vegetation to just grass blocks allowing shroomites to infect grass blocks where mycellium only expands to dirt normally. You'd have a reason that villagers, or possibly Endermen push to then contain it to a island. By reshaping the land aggressively.

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