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A mod review: seasons mod minecraft 1.1

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avatar coffe008
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Im going to review this mod. the seasons mod for minecraft is a very good mod it adds the four seasons summer autum winter and spring wich are split into 7 days with diffrent features.go to www.minecraftforum.net/topic/962758-11145the-seasons-mod/ for information and download for the mod. The mod adds two new items 1. a season watch 2. a thermometer. i really like this mod because weather isn't that common for me and this makes sure you get the weather no matter what the biome is :). one bug i found though was shovels wont work and digs slower than my hand digs. The shovel will rarely work to full speed. (this mod requires modloder even if it says it doesnt link www.minecraftdl.com/modloader-1-8/) this is a great mod and i recommend you install it. ps. i didn't make this mod or any other mods listed.
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