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avatar Demon6994
Level 12 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted on this site, by the looks of it, 5 years ago when I was doing Eros Online PvP, or even just Eros Online in general. I don't expect any of you to remember it, it wasn't up for very long. I'm here to talk about my newest adventure. As I do not own any rights to Eros Online now, I do have a new name for the server I am bringing up from the ground, I hope.

Basically the project at hand is nothing like the servers I've had in the past. This one is based 100% off of SkyBlock. This is a SkyBlock server that I hope to keep online longer than my last servers. So far is proving very great on staying online.

We have named our newest project SkyBlock MC, I know what you're thinking, why would you pick something so basic... That was the point, basic enough for people to remember, almost hard to forget! But I guess you guys are waiting for me to get to the point, and that point is, this project is in the works, we are fully staffed, only thing we are working on at this time is fixing some plugins, also trying to eliminate some of the plugins that were used!

We are also looking for builders, but we have yet to get our applications set up so that people can apply to become a builder, with no extra added benefits except being able to warp to another world to build. And they can't cheat because it is prevented from transferring back to SkyBlock with spawned items from creative. So there is no way of cheating the system.

I'll try and keep you all updated, I know it's probably not going to be awhile before the server gets really "noticed" and grasping a stable player base. We have some pretty great people as staff, and we have some decent players, but I feel it could be more challenging with a higher playerbase, and that is what we are aiming to gain for this 100% SkyBlock server!

If you have any suggestions on what we could do to help make this server better, please let us know in a comment on here, or let us know on our Discord. You can find the link for it in-game!

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  1. I'm Hope this server takes off for you man! I've played for a couple days and it's pretty worth it to play this server!

Ive had issues at the start but the developers get right to fixing most issues that were presented to them.

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