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The Gaia Challenge

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avatar deadtrojanman
Level 31 : Artisan Goblin
Recently I've been getting bored of survival Minecraft. To solve for this, I have created a little variant to keep me interested, with some ideas from nameless people in the Reddit community, which this will be posted there on a later date, depending on how well this turns out.

This variant is based off of being one with nature and the "God" of Minecraft, Gaia. The only thing the god serves as is an explanation for your actions.

1)If you cut down a tree, you must replant it with a sapling of it's type. You may keep the other saplings that it drops. If you destroy a large jungle tree, you must replant the saplings in a group of four, then use bonemeal on them.
2)You may only use coal for torches. Burning coal in furnaces is dangerous to the natural environment. You may use charcoal as an alternative to coal for use in furnaces.
3)You may not, under any circumstances, kill Spiders, Cave Spiders, Creepers, Silverfish, Ghasts, Magma Cubes, Slimes, or Witches. If you are under attack from them, you must run away from them. If you should happen to kill one of these mobs, you must repay the God of Minecraft, which I will explain later.
4) For your own safety, you may make traps, so long as they do not harm the trapped creatures.
5) You may not play on peaceful.
6) It is okay to kill Zombie Pigmen, Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, and Zombies, as they are undeath, and you will not be disposing of life. If you come across a Spider Jockey, you may only kill the Skeleton counterpart. No harm is to come to the Spider itself.
7) Blazes, Enderman, Snow Golems, and Iron Golems are considered "halflife". You may only kill them if they either make the first attack, or you repay the God of Minecraft afterwards. Provoking these mobs counts as you making the first attack, thus requiring repayment.
8) The Wither Boss is hatred made flesh. Killing it would be releasing it from its torture.
9)If an Enderman places a block, you must kill it immediately, and put the block back to where it came from. If you do not know it came from, you are to leave and place a sign on said block, providing the date in which it was displaced. You are to then repay.
10) To destroy nature is evil. You mustn't destroy a block of the above ground environment, except for trees. If you do, you must repay, regardless of whether or not you replaced it.
11) You must live above ground. To live on the floor of the Earth would be destroying it. You can make a house on stilts, or a treehouse.
12) You are allowed to keep pets. If you do, they must be taken for a 100 block walk each play session. If one should die, they are to be given a funeral and a grave.
13) Zombie Villagers are to be trapped until they either despawn or you can cure them.
14) The Nether and End are fair ground for gathering resources, such as Endstone and Glowstone, as they are not considered the environment.
15) Bats, Chickens, Pigs, Cows, Mooshrooms, Pigs, and Sheep are a middle ground. For every two babies born, you may kill two of them for resources. You must put them to use immediately, as to respect their life.
16) Each mob you keep in captivity is to be given 4 blocks of space to roam. Every 20 blocks must have at least 1 block of source water for mobs to "drink".
17) You may kill the Ender Dragon, however its egg must be kept in a glass 5x5 glass chamber with lava surrounding it in a room with no other source of light other than the lava, as to keep the egg "alive" and make sure the baby dragon can hatch. You can leave a hole in the lava if you wish to see the egg.
18) You may keep the blocks destroyed by creepers.
19) You may only use Flint and Steel to to light Nether Portals.
20) You may only take half of the lava source blocks from a lava pool.
21) You may only take water buckets from a source that will refill itself, eg no taking single source blocks that will disappear after you take it.
22) If you wish to mine, you must find a cave entrance. Digging down to mine is prohibited.
23) If you find a village, you must either steer away from it or fortify to protect it from zombies.
24) You are allowed to farm resources, so long as it is not destructive, eg levelling large areas to grow wheat.
25) You may only collect seeds and flowers by using bonemeal on grass.
26) Failure to follow any of these rules requires you to repay.

In order to apologize for your crimes, you must acquire a gold nugget, an apple, wheat seeds, a bone, and rotten flesh. Next, you must dig into the earth a 3x3x3 hole. This is not considered a crime. Next, you must fill it with water. Around the hole, flowers must be placed, alternating colours. Throw the items into the water. Using the dirt collected, put a 3x3x1 above the hole, leaving the 27 water blocks intact. Next, put a sign in the middle block of the cover, telling the date and the crime. If there were multiple crimes, use multiple sets of items to sacrifice, as well as each date of the crimes and detailing them. After a water hole has been sealed, it may not be reused.

Any ideas for names or things that I have missed would be great.
Creditle, reddit
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