A pirate girl going to a new land all alone by herself! a storytime blog {Lola}

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a long time ago there was a girl named nicole she was a pirate and then she wanted to go to a new land all alone nobody with her so thats what she did going all alone bye herself she took a torch and then got out in the fog so she lit the torch and just started walking again then she found some water trees and more she thought it was so pretty that she wanted to go more than that so she did it and did it then she found a mountain and than rested on the mountain all night long then woke up to a pretty day she started walking again and again then she came to more and more and more fog so she walked right through it then got lost so she said i am lost now then the fog went away and she wasnt lost anymore she keeps going then she finds a cabbin so she goes in sees some old stuff she took some of it and left the rest to stay so she left incase of anyone coming and seeing her she was protected she had food drinks weapons and more she came to a new and improved house she seen some kids playing and stuff there so she asked hey can i stay somewhere here? the kids said yes its fine with us three little girls one said im Sapphire another one said im Katy the last one said and im Kelly and were sisters they replied so she started hanging out with them she traveled ocean and sea for a new land and found one where she was not alone} hey guys its me lola again and i hope you enjoyed that story happy easter to all!♥
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03/25/2017 2:39 pm
Level 43 : Master Engineer
happy easter everyone
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