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A Plugin Guide: For Idiots {Factions}

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avatar GrandMaximus
Level 31 : Artisan Mage
First off if you don't even know what the plugin Factions is? Shame on you! But after this tutorial you will get admin in no time for your stellar knowledge on this excellent plugin!!!! First off, factions is a plugin that enables players to form groups or clans. To server Admins, this means a local government and enhances pvp play. It's an easy group system to set up. It also adds a sort of diplomacy theme to your server. Remember, it's a highly common plugin, because it's very well loved.
IF you want something a little "Off the grid" check out my Towny Tutorial: HERE

For a common player factions is a uncomplex way to group up a fight with others. It allows you to claim your land to stop griefers, and protect chests (if the admin does not disable this feature). But the worst thing is when your faction leader (lets call this faction the Templars, a common faction name) doesn't even know simple commands. Newbs, this is for you
  • /f help,h,? [page] o Display a help page
  • /f list,ls *[page] o Show a list of the factions
  • /f show,who *[faction tag] o Show detailed information on a certain faction
  • /f map *[on|off] o Show an ascii-art map of the nearby territory. Per default it will render only when you use the command. If you specify on or off you will toggle if the map should render every once in a while.
  • /f power *[player name] o Show either your own power (if no name is specified) or another playero s power (if a player name is specified, and permission node factions.viewAnyPower is granted)
  • /f join [faction name] o Join a faction
  • /f leave o Leave your faction
  • /f chat,c o Switch faction only chat on and off
  • /f home o Teleport to the faction homef
  • /f create [faction tag] o Create a new faction with you as admin
  • /f desc [desc] o Change the faction description
  • /f tag [faction tag] o Change the faction tag
  • /f open o Switch if invitation is required to join
  • /f invite,inv [player name] o Invite a player
  • /f deinvite,inv [player name] o Remove a pending invitation
    If your faction is closed invitations are required to join the faction.
  • /f sethome *[faction tag] o Set the faction home (faction tag can only be specified by those with admin bypass permission; otherwise, ito s for your own faction)
  • /f claim o Claim the land where you are standing
  • /f claim [faction=your] [radius=1] o Claim the land in a radius around where you are standing
  • /f autoclaim [faction=your] o Start auto-claiming land as you walk around
  • /f unclaim, declaim o Unclaim the land where you are standing
    The area claimed is a minecraft o chunko . It is an 16Ã 16 area all the way from bedrock to the sky. If you are claiming territory from another faction you must start at the border. Only faction moderators and admin can do this.
  • /f owner *[player name] o Set/remove ownership of a 16Ã 16 claimed territory. If a player name is specified, that player will be added or removed from the owner list for the territory. If no player name is specified, it will either set ownership to the player running the command (if no owners are currently set) or completely clear ownership of the territory.
  • /f ownerlist o View a list of owners for the current area. Only works inside your own factiono s territory.
  • /f kick [player name] o Kick a player from the faction.
    Faction moderators can kick normal players but not eachother. The faction admin can kick moderators though.
  • /f mod [player name] o Give or revoke moderator rights to one of the members of the faction. You must be faction admin to do this.
  • /f admin [player name] o Hand over your admin rights to another member. Note that you are really handing it over. You will not be admin for the faction any longer. You will be turned into a moderator, but the new admin could kick you any time.
  • /f title [player name] *[title] o Set or remove a players title. This serves special meaning. Ito s just fun and allows you to o promoteo players.
  • /f noboom o enable/disable explosions inside your factiono s territory; only available to faction admin and faction moderators for peaceful factions (explained further down)
  • /f ally [faction name]
  • /f neutral [faction name]
  • /f enemy [faction name]
  • /f money b,balance [faction=yours] - show faction bank balance
  • /f money d,deposit [faction=yours] - deposit money into faction bank
  • /f money w,withdraw [faction=yours] - withdraw money from faction bank
  • /f money ff - transfer money from faction to faction
  • /f money fp - transfer money from faction to player
  • /f money pf - transfer money from player to faction
The server admin, the most sought after position in all servers. They wield the most power, especially power of plugins.... For all the newbs who don't know what powers you actually wield, this is for you!
  • /f help,h,? [page] o Display a help page
  • /f bypass o Enable admin bypass mode: build/destroy anywhere, bypass other normal restrictions

  • /f chatspy [on/off=flip] - toggle chat spying on/off, where you can see all faction chat messages
  • /f disband [faction tag] o Disband a faction
  • /f claim safezone [radius=1] o Unclaim all safezone land
  • /f claim warzone [radius=1] o Claim land for the warzone
  • /f claim [faction tag] [radius=1] o Allows admin to claim land for any faction
  • /f unclaim o Allows admin to unclaim any factiono s land, if they have admin bypass mode enabled (through /f bypass)
  • /f autoclaim safezone - Auto-claim land for safezone
  • /f autoclaim warzone o Auto-claim land for the warzone
  • /f safeunclaimall,safedeclaimall - Unclaim all safezone land
  • /f warunclaimall,wardeclaimall o Unclaim all warzone land
  • /f peaceful [faction tag] o Toggle the indicated factiono s o peacefulo status
  • /f permanent [faction tag] o Set a faction as permanent. Permanent factions are not deleted when they have no members.
  • /f permanentpower [faction tag] - Sets a factions power to a permanent state.
  • /f lock *[on|off] o Lock all write stuff
  • /f saveall,save o Save factions to disk
  • /f reload *[file] o Reload all data from disk, or only data in specific files (available files: board, conf, factions, players)
  • /f config [setting] [value] o Change any setting in conf.json directly and immediately.
  • /f version o Which version of this plugin are you using?

This is a list of commands u can use to become proficent in this plugin. if you are still unsure about how to use this plugin check out the official forum for it HERE
If you are a server admin and are wondering about how to install this wonderful plugin watch this great video by Samkio HERE
If you enjoyed this tutorial, please add a diamond or subscribe so I know to do more plugin guides. Towny guide coming soon...

*Some content was taken directly from the factions forums*

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  • RedVortex
  • Level 20
  • Expert Dolphin
  • April 26, 2014, 8:05 am
Uhhhhh... I just wanted to know how to use flags... i cant do it for some reason...
For idiots? Well, that's nice.
  • KnightMio
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Miner
  • September 14, 2013, 11:48 pm
How come the /f permanent won't work for my server?
Please help.
  • pablo67340
  • Level 27
  • Expert Miner
  • June 18, 2013, 4:52 pm
How do u claim wilderness as a radius?
/f claim (raidius) Willderness but lol ur post was from a year ago xD
very helpful for my friend. Did not have the guts to say thx

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