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A Rant about Generic Skins.

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avatar DoctorE3
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I have only been playing Minecraft little over half a year now and I have to say that I have become a hardcore fan since the moment I bought my premium account, and I haven't regretted it since. But something has been nagging since I stepped foot on this site,and it is finally starting to drive me insane. If you're a total idiot and is asking yourself, "What in the name of Minecraftia could be bad about the website? We have dedicated fans who spend their time on massive projects, there are plenty of people who work on awesome mods, and we have tons of great servers with talented artists and skinners -You can stop right there. The keywords here are "TALENTED" and "SKINNERS". THIS. THIS is what has been irritating me ever since I was introduced to this community. We are the pianist, and this gathering of oblivious,stupid, generic "Skin artists" is the little boy who thinks he is so funny when he decides to slam his hands on our piano.
If you go take a quick dive in the skins section not just here, but in any Minecraft community site, I promise you that you won't be able to go 2 pages without running into the same copypaste reskin of "Emo boy with bangs" or "teen girl with long hair" or even "Emo boy DJ with bangs and Beats Herobrine creeper awesome skin", etc. In fact, if you played a drinking game where you take shots whenever you find these skins, you'd most likely have critical alcohol poisoning half way past the night. This doesn't even restrict to skins;These idiots already have taken over the texture pack section of the website. There are a swarm of 5% completed textures, and they still somehow manage to get at least 1 diamond that they didn't contribute themselves.
So what does this all come down to?Simple; If you didn't create it,if you didn't finish it, DON'T UPLOAD IT.I don't care if it's for a server you have, you can use a little something called your email,what if you accidentally deleted it?Well it only took you five minutes to make it, do it over again. End of rant.
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