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A short story about your Pork Chops

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avatar Reploidsham
Level 26 : Expert Spider Rider

  A bright, sunny day in the grasslands. The leaves of the tree give shelter to you as you open your eyes and your mother and father father are nearby. They acknowledge you with a grunt, and you follow them. Your mother and father look alike from a distance, but you would recognize them anywhere. Your mother and father's cubic appendages and rhombus faces are unique to you, as only they would be.
  By mid-day, your father has gathered several mushrooms for you, rooting around in the dirt. You squeal in dismay, you wanted something tasty, like potatoes. Your mother scolds you. You eat the mushrooms. Now that you're full of food, you should obviously play. You run circles around your family until you get exhausted and everyone goes for a nap.

  You're jostled awake by a lead being slipped on you, and your mother seems to be nearby. Two foreign looking monsters drag you to a different grassland. One with smaller trees, stuck together with a strange smell of iron that tickles your nose. Your father is nowhere to be seen, but one of the monsters appears to be chewing on something that looks like you.
  Your mother is inconsolable. You're confused. You have no idea why you're here, or what's going to happen, but as soon as you're in the wooden circle, you're let free. What do these strangers want? You're safe, though, and that's all you care to think about.

The next day.

  The monsters seem to be hard at work, moving large blocks of dirt here and there, moving rocks to a building and demolishing the forest they took you from to make a strange, ornate looking shelter. Your mother is sulking in the corner, staring at the building without telling you why. You decide to graze.
  The monsters turn towards the wooden circle, prying it open. You feel a chill go up your spine. You back away as they approach you with something shiny. The monster lifts the object, and----
  One of the monsters remarks, "Pretty good." Your incorporal form departs to respawn elsewhere.

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