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EXCLUSIVE STORY - A Statue's Journey

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Note: The Highlands part is supposed to be made in 1.17 and as such, its contents will likely change in the future.
Part of Legacy of Prometheus Universe.
This short story explains an ancient Testare monument erected inside the abandoned areas of Rosenberg and its subsequent odyssey into the Highlands, the Kejsarens' Ancient Library and eventually the Revolutionary Museum.

For once, the surroundings were silent. Still, the legends of a monument have circulated far and wide, and its journey meeting a fitting end in the Museum. It all happened in that event...

The aftermath of Testare's War for Independence has altered the shape forever. The tribes were once again free from the opium's influence, but at a great cost. Its founding father was slain during the clash with Forvisat's former Demonlord Bratille, who pierced his foul blade into the heart. His assistant, Vathys, avenged his death by slaying the Demonlord herself, though she was dying from exhaustion a few minutes later.
Melodia, the spiritual leader of him, was sorrowful of this news. Not long after the coronation as the Great Chief, he decreed that a statue be erected as a tribute for his ancestor's legendary feats. Located in the beachlines of soon-to-be-called Rosenberg, it shall remain defiant before the winds of change and a symbol of wisdom.

And that's when the true story began. Remnants of Abraxis fled into the continent of Amelia across the Persephone Sea, bringing with them the spies of Upplysningen within.
Melodia's successor, Tommy, welcomed them a place for home paid with the defeat of the corrupt Great Elder. However, as they repopulated inside the continent, his fears confirmed the worst. Worried with the prospect that the immigrants might desecrate the monument, he initiated a secret protocol that was to be carried out immediately: Moving the monument to the Highlands, where it could be protected from all harm.
Two days before the foundation of State of Amelia and Princess Amelia's coronation, the volunteers gathered.
Not even half of them remain when the statue was successfully relocated. Nevertheless, they all felt relieved, knowing that the monument would be totally preserved from the wear and tear of the new state's interventions.

The ancient monument has been in peace for hundreds of years, even when various wars ravaged the continent of Amelia alike. However, that would all change.
Most national treasures did not survive well during the Decades' Civil War, as they were constantly confiscated or looted for each other's war efforts. This monument could have shared the same fate as them, yet it didn't happen thanks to attempts made by the librarians of Kejsakens' Ancient Library to keep it intact.

Even as the strife raged on, they coordinated with those neutral in the conflict to move it out from the Highlands. Many of them did not live to see the day though, and exhaustion gradually took them out one by one.
The hardship was totally worth the effort, as the monument was now safety inside the basements of the Library.

With the Civil War drawn to a foregone conclusion, it was a monumental task for the victors and the defeated alike to retrieve the lost artifacts and cultural icons missed. The monument was such, and the librarians once again used whatever they had at the time to place the statue
The Revolutionary Museum, once originally constructed for keeping the culture of Socialism alive, has been specifically selected for the preservation. The union between the newly-reinstated Republic of Amelia and the Confederation of Testare enabled to accelerate things up. Tamayil personally oversaw the relocation along with his chief prophet, Jennifer.
And today, visitors could even see the monument itself at the basements, while listening to the narrator explaining the interesting history.

And perhaps the tribute to the Founding Father itself shall remain in everyone's memories, even when it only led to more and more attention from outside intrusions...

(Bonus things will be written later)
CreditMelodia, Vathys, Tommy, Tamayil (pets)
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