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A Steve Story!

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avatar HuntergreigISepic
Level 4 : Apprentice Hunter
One day a man named Steve woke up to a new day of playing "Monsters And Men" and "Building houses". He loved building games and monster fighting games. So one day a new game called "Minecraft" was said to be made. He read a article about the game. It said they promised monster fighting and building! This was perfect for Steve so he instantly Pre-Ordered the game. A few hours after buying "Minecraft" someone named "Notch" contacted him through "Cmail". "Notch" said "Congrats! You are the first owner of "Mojang's" game "Minecraft'!" Steve said "Um... what does that mean?". Notch replied "You get to design the character that the player will be in the game!". Steve was speechless for about 10 minuets then sent "Notch" a message that said "OK I will make a front and back picture of him and send it to you via "Cmail".". "Notch" replied "One thing though... You have to make him square".

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