A Story About Layrolas - Archer of the Arandurhrim

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Hey guys! ^-^

This is a backstory I made for my character on a Middle Earth roleplay server. It was accepted and I played on the server some but then the server was taken down because the owners had other servers and were too busy for another. I liked my story, therefore, I decided to post it here for the fun of it. :) It isn't very long and definitley not the best but I hope you like it some.... cx

My character was a male Elf, Layrolas Silverleaf. (Pronounced, "Layro-lahz") His name in Elvish is Layrolas Celeblas, Celeblas means Silverleaf in Elvish. Everyone said it sounded a lot like Legolas Greenleaf and it does... lol, oh well, the server's gone now. cx

So yeah, hope you enjoy. ^-^

My mother and father were Elves of Arveldir, a small Elven city near the woods of Eledon. The ruler of Arveldir, Arandur, had an army of skilled archers called the Arandurhrim, my father being one of them. My father was a skilled archer, as are all Elves. We practiced archery together when he was not away in battle and I became very skilled with a bow. My mother was very knowledgeable about plants and herbs and healed many wounded men of Arandur. She also taught me quite a lot about farming and I helped her with our garden. She helped many in the kingdom of Men with her herbs also.

One day Arandur's army was called upon by the kingdom of Men to assist in driving the Roh-Gul, an evil group of Men, out of their land. Arandur sent his armies to the aid of the Human king Elenotar. Elenotar and Arandur's armies succeeded in driving out the Roh-Gul but near the end they injured my father badly. He died before the battle was completly over.
My mother taught me all she knew about plants and herbs, but with Father gone, she lost the will to live. She died not long after him.
I was left alone and joined the Arandurhrim. Not long after, Arandur was once again called on to assist King Elenotar in a battle with the Roh-Gul. He sent his armies to assist once again and we won the battle. But at the end a fairly large group of Roh-Gul charged into the Arandurhrim, scattering us.
Six or seven Roh-Gul began to chase me. I ran swiftly for a while through the woods I knew so well and led them in circles for a long time until they became confused. But by this time I was in an unfamiliar part of the forest. I stopped and hid quickly. One Roh-Gul said he heard something and motioned for the others to follow him in the direction from which he heard it. They galloped off and I ran quickly in the opposite direction.
I was now lost. I wandered through the forest eating some plants and berries I knew were safe from what my mother had taught me. I sometimes stayed a little while in one place and planted a small garden from the knowledge I acquired from my mother. I hunted for my food also. I practiced my archery on dead tree limbs and stray Roh-Gul, hoping that I may someday find my way back to Arveldir or at another place, once again be able to join a group of archers and a kingdom.

It ended with my character hoping to join a group of archers because on the roleplay server I joined a group of archers organized by another player.

Anyway, that's it! ^-^ Hope you liked it. :) This is my first blog, I may make another, may not, I don't know at the moment... cx
CreditThe woods in the picture are really the woods in Isengard on a Minecraft map I downloaded. The map was made by the awesome EpicQuestz build team. (I took the picture myself though cx )

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Update #1 : 11/17/2014 3:54:17 pmNov 17th, 2014

Edited the layout and text size, it should be easier to read now. Also edited some of the story to make it more understandable.
Also added credit to the picture.

(I hope this isn't considered update log abuse, I had forgotten about this story and wanted to fix it some.)

11/18/2014 10:15 pm
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love it!
11/18/2014 11:29 pm
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Thanks! c: It was pretty fun to make! ^-^
11/17/2014 9:07 pm
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11/17/2014 9:27 pm
Level 43 : Master Theorist
03/27/2014 10:16 pm
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Nice job!
03/27/2014 10:34 pm
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Thanks! :)
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