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A Summary of Fall of the Multiverse

1.13 corals are beautiful, aren't they?

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avatar Luvvly
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
I've been writing this story, Fall of the Multiverse, for years now and I'd like to summarize it so far and then share a bit of my thoughts/ideas and maybe you could give me more ideas? I don't know lol

Context : The reader is called "Alex", to replace Y/N, and because it's a gender-neutral name.

It all started back in 2035 when technology was at its peak. An elite company by the name of Omega Science was doing testing to travel between universes using light teleportation methods. They were close to finishing when they were raided by the notorious group Xenoforce. They stole the supplies needed and booked it off Earth. They set up a headquarters on Mars, and ripped a hole in the multiverse. Aliens poured in, capturing colonies on Mars and parts of the Moon. Earth tried to fight back, and failed. They were taken over later that year. About 3 years pass until a resistance is formed by ex-scientist Oliver Teagan. He planned to fight against the aliens and take back the colonies. They succeed. He then learns of an army that was hiding in the shadows until the aliens fell. The Epsilon. Oliver crash-landed on a distant planet known as Carak, in the middle of a civil war. The aliens clearly didn't touch this place.. Oliver fights one-on-one with the Epsilon's leader and nearly loses his life in the process. Last he was seen, he was heading into the abandoned city known only by its nickname.. "The City of Death." Epsilon has announced they've made a superweapon and are going to use it on the major cities of Earth unless Oliver turns himself in to them and gives up the Resistance outpost coordinates.

So over the course of YEARS of writing, I've made that much so far. And that's way shorter than the actual story.
So let's run through some of my ideas.
Q1. First of all, I have been thinking of a massive alien city that he finds on a nearby planet.
What could the name be?
Q2. Once he finds the city, what happens?
Q3. How will he get back to Earth?
Q4. How does he stop the Epsilon?
Q5. What is the name (And abbreviation) of the superweapon Epsilon plans to use?
Q6. What planet does the final battle take place?
Q7. Who, exactly, is the Epsilon leader?
Q8. What happened to [REDACTED]?


I've been writing this thing for a while now, so I've got plenty of words for it.
Massive. Sci-fi. Multiple endings, possibly.
But I've got some spoiler thoughts next, so..

Timeline manipulation is massively used in this story. Just.. not on the front lines. Behind the scenes, someone is manipulating Oliver's choices. But who could it be..? An old friend? An enemy? A new character?

Alternate endings are also possible. Who wins? Who dies?

Who loses a loved one?

Lastly, a note.
To everyone who made it this far.
To everyone who was there for me.
To everyone who made me enjoy my time here.
To everyone who was chill.
To my friends.
To my family.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.

And to my enemies.
Thank you for giving me a reason to keep writing.
To escape reality.
Without people like you, this story wouldn't exist.
I've had pain.
Tumblr-thinking people who think racism towards whites or sexism towards men is okay won't agree..
But I've had pain.
And it's that pain that kept me writing.
Kept me going.
I'm here writing this because of that.
Thank you.
Thank you all.

Thank you for everything.

Luvvly out.
or should I say..
transmission white noise


"Oliver out."

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