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A Teacher's Life Story 2.

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avatar yolandagirly
Level 14 : Journeyman Cake
A Teacher's Life Story 2.

(I never finished my story from 3 years ago, I don't really mind if no one reads it but here!)
(So, I had felt a hand touch my shoulder, it was the principal. I turned around and smirked I knew he wouldn't fire
Someone like me! Here is a secret you didn't know! The principal's brother is my fiance ;)
I was allowed to do what I wanted whenever I wanted, I wont make myself sound like a Mean girl though.
That's the last thing I want, anyways!) I asked him what did he want.
He took a breath moment and looked at the ground then looked up again hesitating before talking.
(Hurry up I haven't got all day!) I thought to myself. He said "Well, uhm, miss you really need to stop giving students
So many detentions, it's kind of getting out of hand!"
I looked at him with an annoyed expression, HOW DARE HE! Asking me to stop giving students detention.

(This clown showed up to school LATE before he was taking his daughter to kindergarten and I had to do
His paper work for an HOUR. That was hell! Giving detentions is fun but signing the detention papers is hella

"Well, I can try I guess..." (Mad man, I won't even try! I do as I please!) Anyways. I walked away and I think
He had a very faint smile. I had got back to my class and saw everyone talking. I knew It was time. The moment
I stepped my heel into the class everyone looked up and all sat straight. It was like entering a battle field.
Except :) I'm the commander and everyone is my solider. If they fail, they get the detention.

It was homework time. Time to ask everyone if they brought in their homework. No homework, detention and principal's office!
I looked around the class. Who will be my first target! Hmm...
I see, the kid with the glasses his skin was pale he had pimples next to his nose. His pores were very exposed.
He had a rash on the side of his neck. Disgusting peasant. "Okay then, Charles, have you brought in your homework?"
He paused for a sudden moment sweating like mad.
I smirked.

To be continued...

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