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A war in the sky

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shadowbladeF22 avatar shadowbladeF22
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I was inspired recently by a blog post from pmc's Rova, which you can find here, to make a collection of all the skyships I can fing and place them on opposing sides like thy are getting ready for a battle. I was planning on using several ships from many PMC members to create a two sided conflict of proportions Minecraft has never seen before. I have made this blog as a way to show progress and enlist people to donate there creations to the war. I havent looked into much of anything as of now but the two major players in this conflict will be Rova and lynchyinc. As soon as I get permission from the two, I will start the project.

If you wanna see this happen give me a diamond. If you want you ships or at least one of them, post a link in the comments.

so far the alliances are:

side1, led by their flagship the Tres Indu Unum

side 2, Led by the dreadnoght-sky fortress of the dragon emporer

More will be added as I find and contact these people.
Also, post Ideas for the names of the sides, the best two will be chosen and forever Immortalized on the map.

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