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Aaron isn't Michael's final goal and Why people had to be killed had to be killed

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avatar RogueVern
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Aaron isn't Michael's final goal

This theory is based off of what happened in season 6 ep.8 PT.1 and PT.2 the point of this theory is show that Aaron isn't the final part in Michael's plans.


  • After Michael takes over Travis he boats about how has won and that he'll be coming for Irene.
  • If Michael's true goal was to kill the Ultima(Aaron) then he would have had the GF kill him instead of capturing him.
  • Aaron is most likely to be a part of the process the to either restore Michael to his former power or to send Micheal to where Irene is.

Why Ahpmau had to be killed
This theory is my idea of why aphmau was killed by Ein


  • Michael said to Ultima form Aaron "Let your anger control you"
  • Michael had it all planed out Aphmau's death was used to turn Aaron into his Ultima form.
  • Michael wanted to make sure Aphmau didn't interfere with his planes. As seen in season 5 Aphmau has some sort of magic powers. Giving the fact that Michael said that everything Irene tried to protect will return to nothing.
  • What ever Michael has planed it is apparent that he needs Aaron to be in his wolf form.
Sorry for the really long post
That's all I have now see you next time
If you anything to say please leave a comment.
CreditThanks to aphmau for the amazing content

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