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Aaron5015's Dev progress: WORKING ON:OpenTTD in Minecraft!

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avatar Aaron5016
Level 11 : Journeyman Architect
Hello everyone direwolf20 here.Nah just kidding XD anyways i like making good jokes anyways back to the main focus This is where all my progress and stuff go so every project im working on will be located below
Current Project:OPENTTD in minecraft!
Held Projects:EMERALD INC. Portal INC.
Held Updates:BEDROCK INC. Handmade village!
Everythings just busy im trying my best if you got a idea for anything just gimme a call at 555-555-5555.Again just kidding just comment OR pm

1 Update Logs

Planning Update 1 : 11/21/2012 6:33:55 pmNov 21st, 2012

First PVP map EVAH made by me Im thinking of these 5 tell me in comments you like best
1.Wheat Fields
2.Road with a ravine
4.Bedrock INC. PVP Edition
5.Banned From Town
Now i will explain them
Wheat fields
You Were a farmer and you saw some people come towards your farm through a wheat field now its time to make sure they dont
Recommended players:10
Team Match:5v5
Solo Match:1v9 OR all but no team
Road With a ravine
Peaceful and nice town
until a 5.8 MineQuake hit
now theres a ravine and you thought the miners did it and then when you decided to kill em
you went out and did it
Recomended players:10
Team Match:5v5
Solo Match:2v8
Shopping for stuff...untill some robbers came in you decided to kill them
Thats all i can say XD
Recomended players:20
Team Match:10v10 (FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS ONLY!!!!)
Solo Match:5vs15
Same map as Bedrock inc. just player vs player and blocked off areas *and some stuff*
Recommended players:20
Team Match:10v10
Solo Match 5 vs 15
Banned From Town
You got banned by the Local MinecraftTown Authority you decided to get back at them for banning you for nothing
Recommended players:30
Team Match 15vs15
Solo Match *most likely to lose*10vs20
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