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About MĘ 2:The cheeki breeki continue

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avatar Adafreneez
Level 18 : Journeyman Nerd
It's me Adafreneezario 🍵 the coffee man!(Sorry for my English)

If I'll get money,I think I need to wait minimum 5 days for laptop,I had some ideas what I will do with it:Modern Weapons Resource Pack,Randomize Mobs Resource Pack,Mo'zombies Resource Pack,RP Server (4 rus lol) I thinking so long about Rp server,but I had one trouble:players.I can make server for free but I need players for it lol.If I make it without whitelist I'll afraid of griefers.If I'll use plagins that add private, it's be not RP server.If I make it with whitelist and you will need to pay for access,the no one this server will not need lol...So It's be only for people that I known.And I will make reports of our progress.I don't know about my not russian friends cause not every russian known English lol problem,again.

...Okay here we go...

How I learned about minecraft?

I've been at my friend's house.His name was Alexandr or Sasha lol.He plays minecraft on the version 1.6.4 I guess,or maybe 1.7.10,and that game was interesting for me.He bulding minigames with mods in singleplayer and after some time I started to watch videos about minecraft,I was a stupid and wasn't know how to install games.My mom's friend install me pirate version of minecraft,it was version 1.9 and I watched video about new battle system some time ago lol.I created new world and started to survive,but I known only base recipes:planks,crafting table,sticks,pickaxe,shovel,sword,axe...I was so happy when I saw iron ore,for me it was like diamonds.I don't known for what I need exp and after so many deaths I wasn't play minecraft for some months.After I come back I played in creative mode.And I learned about mods,but I wasn't know how to install it(yes again)I trying 3 or 4 times and finally I install it(lol I won't talking about shaders and resource packs).My first mod was Tough as Nails...
I don't know how I learned how to play minecraft correctly,but I made it...

You know about minecraft myths?You believing it?

I played with mods and all the time I heard explosives...I was confused:I don't using any mods thats can make something like this...And when I went to mine for find some resources I found a cavern.I go down and saw him.You know something about null? It's a player with black skin(or what is it?) that you can find in the caverns...
He was squating like gopnik and watching in my side.I press tab,but nothing changed...In menu I was still can open world for LAN...I wanted to scream.After some time he dissapear.I tell this story to my friend,he wanted for screenshots but I was scared and forgot to make it...After he dissapear explosives sounds was dissapeared too...

After it happens I want to see him again but I can't find him...

I told you my plans and two stories,
I hope you enjoyed it and I will make last part(I guess)
But not soon...Bye

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08/03/2019 12:02 pm
Level 43 : Master Sweetheart
Hibiki Ekko
Thank you for sharing this ♥ And the part about the black skin player in the cavern sounds interesting and scary lol

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