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avatar Adafreneez
Level 18 : Journeyman Nerd
I know,I can create widget for it,but no I can't create it on mobile version...
Why I using phone? Uhm strange question...

Okay,stop talking...or writing?Meh.

Start with something simple...
My country -Russia (Данил,привет,иди скин пили)
How cool there? Not bad...I guess...nope...
How old am I? - I don't like questions like this,if the person is normal guy,it doesn't matter anything(my age is 13).

Okay,another questions which may occur:

What I'll do(I want to do...)
Resource packs
Maybe I'll make resource packs.I can make cool textures,but I afraid of all textures in minecraft,I'm lazy a little(lol not a little) and I hope I learn how to do resource packs with names on item,enchantments,I find guide about it,maybe I make tutorial (nevermind and sorry for my english).

Maybe I will build better,and will make maps(I'm good builder,but it's not my maximum level...I hope...).

If I find good programm for pixel arts,I'll make it.

About my style,I named it chaotic (lol).You understand what it matter.I can try to make minimalistic,or shaded skins,but I don't want it...If I don't want anything,It will be bad and without a bit of my soul and lore...If you say:"Your skins are the most worst what I saw in my life!" I'll say you:"And?"...It's my style I think it good for playing without shaders and not vanilla resource packs.

I can fall into depression from 1 negative comment or if I won't like what I do,if I lost my fantasy.

About my hobbys:I drawing,I had my style of drawing,but I never learn how to draw and I best in my class(school).

I can make everything with paper and cardboard!I made deagle from cardboard without of any help,you can move all the parts of this weapon and magazine...And I make "table games" from paper (lol I can make paper shooter but I need minimum 12 arms to play with it...)

I'm Russian and I learn English at home and school because I like English songs,games,I like PMC,and I need to understand texts,rules lol you know...

I listening(music):Halsey,Twenty Øne piløts,Imagine Dragons,AJR,OneRepublic,ColdPlay,The score,Barns Courtney,SIAMES,starset,skillet band.

I like(games):Mi..mine...minecraft?,Undertale,Deltarune,My Friend Pedro(remake),ApexLegends,Terraria,Starbound,Dig or Die,Don't Starve,Dead by Daylight,Enter the Gungeon,Dead Cells,Slay the Spire,Katana Zero,60 seconds,Hunt Showdown and more games that I forgot...

What about "Why I using phone?"
So,I'm unlucky...My phone fell into snow from my pocket and lol it broken...
I download a game on laptop,lol it broken too(maybe it will repaired soon,I hope((( ).
I write my phone was broken...so I using not my phone...

I can't take images,I can't change my avatar,I can't create widgets(and play minecraft cause its not my phone) on phone and I hope you reading it...if I right...thank you so much!

When my laptop will repaired my profile will more interesting.

If you had any questions write it and I make part 2...

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Update #1 : 07/30/2019 2:30:01 amJul 30th

Some fixes

3 replies

07/29/2019 7:11 pm
Level 43 : Master Sweetheart
Hibiki Ekko
Thank you for sharing yourself with us, you made me smile ♥
07/30/2019 5:27 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Nerd
I want to make second part soon(not soon).
07/30/2019 5:35 am
Level 43 : Master Sweetheart
Hibiki Ekko
I look forward to it sentiment_satisfied_alt

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