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About Teen Girl Skins ~ Down to earth and blunt ~ ♥кเttץ г๏รเє♥

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KittyRosie avatar KittyRosie
Level 39 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Before I begin:
.Any hateful comments or rude critisism will be removed, just because my opinion is different then yours does not mean you should attack me for it. Also, my reason for making this was because a few people asked me why I only made teen girl skins, or they asked why my opinion is what it is. This blog is simply explaining my opinion, thats really it.
.Also if I offened anyone, I am not trying to, and I'm rather talking about myself as much as anyone else, though I think you all  get it :)
.If you want the link to one of the skins above, comment below.
.If you think I missed out writing about something relating to this, or if you notice a big grammatical mistake I made, comment below please. :)
 So teen girl skins are pretty much like they sound, skins that look like teen girls and/or things they would wear.
Yes, teen girl skins are made in large quantity and many are stolen. T.G skins often have the common hair bang as does (in the picture) the skin second from left has, which shows lack of originality.
But guess what.
Not all of them are like that.
If making teen girl skins is what lets your creativity shine through best, then there is no reason to stop making them. Notice I said YOUR creativity, not taking someone else's and editing it. As a teen girl, I'm more likely to make them... There isn't a problem with that. Most skinners of teen girls are also teen girls... It's like how a American is more likely to celebrate Independence day... Some girls of course do not make much or any teen girl skins, which is totally fine. 
The real problem with teen girl skins is the way they are viewed.
Making girl skins is a lot less (if at all) immature then those who get upset and butthurt over a style of skinning.
"Minecraft is overrun with teen girl skins it is ruining it"
Though there are many stolen teen girl skins and overused ones, just because girls playing minecraft want to look like girls playing minecraft, how is that a problem!?! And how is minecraft going to be "ruined" if some people have differen't preferences in skins!?! THAT IS WHY MINECRAFT ALLOWS CUSTOM SKINS, BECAUSE WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.
However, I do see the point of not liking them, and that is a opinion and I see no reason for attacking anyone for that opinion.
Just because I don't care for squash doesn't mean I go around saying people who like it are ruining the clulinary industry and that it should be outlawed or wiped out.
Like, so what?
"If you make them you aren't a good skinner and probably have no creativity"
Exuse me, are you trying to say Felinka or Oblivion or Oceanelle or RosiePlayz, that they do not have talent? (And many more.)
Yup, girls skins are usually similar, and thats because girls are something called feminine, (usually) and most girls like flowers and long hair and cute socks. Big. Fat. Hairy. Deal. You could say that about people who make anime, that most of it looks the same. Thats because it's a style, like girl skins. -o-
Many girl skinners make other skins too, for example, FennecFox.
And yes, lots also don't, and we all need to try harder to make more variety, including myself.
Many tend to overuse styles, and sometimes I find myself confusing one teen girl skin with another.
I mostly see this on skindex, and sometimes do that here too.
"They are all white. Like, racist."
This is a real problem, yes, that statement above is exagerrated, but mostly true.
I also have problems with this, being white, I normally when I start to make a skin, I just automatically start using my fair-toned base, unless I think about it first. But this isn't just a problem with girl skins, it is a problem with EVERY kind of skin, boys to girls. It isn't racist to make lots of white skins or anything like that, but I'm just saying the site (and other skins sites) certainly need more differently toned skins. Also, sometimes its a bit harder to make darker toned skins, many (including me) can testify to that. But we all can keep trying. :) Also, there are hardly any bases for darker skins, which makes it even harder for a novice skinner to make diverse skins. So then, they get used to always making white skins, and never really learn how to do it differently. Thats sad, we could all make more different bases. I encourage everyone to try! (I will make some myself, but won't be posting any untill I get them close to perfect.)  Big skinners who might possibly be reading this, you can make a LOT of difference, since many people look up to you. And skinners who aren't very recgonized yet, you can too; when more recgonized skinners see your skin, they might think, (as I have sometimes) oh wow, this guy is being more thoughtfull then I am, and I'm the one getting more attention... that isn't right...
"They are slutty"


Ok, this one sometimes is true.
But generalizing a entire style of skins by a few attention seekers in minecraft is not smart, or even sensible.
Ya, some girl skins have the bra/shirt and teeny-weeny shorts/briefs, and are like "IM SINGLE" on servers or they just... do things... involving shifting... BUT HEY, some of those people wearing girl skins are boys who are trolling.
And also, about being slutty (or sometimes trolling in a non-funny way *to most people*) a number of boys in minecraft want to date any girl with a girl-skin. (Not all of course.) But what can you expect on a game made up of often immature young people who can say whatever they want without parents around?
Also, the short-shorts and sleevless shirt girl skins aren't neccesarily slutty, (I mean like jean shorts and arms with the shirt not on it, not bikini  skins that really aren't things people would wear walking around.)
some girls are comfortable with "showing more skin" *aka pixels* and if someone dresses that way (in minecraft or irl) it is NOT OUR JOB to judge them. Though I think more skins should be made with longer shorts or jeans, because those are pretty too, and you can add more detail. I understand and they are right about certain skins (and people) that/who "dress" in a rather, yes, slutty way. Your girl skin does not have to have tiny tiny shorts and a bikini top to be cute, really, trust me, it doesn't.
I also like the sock movement, that is pretty much like pants but they are usually more colorfull with more patterns, and you don't even need pants depending on how long your sweater/shirt is, or how tall your socks are.

Now for the thing you usually don't see in the other teen-girl-skin-blogs.

I actually totally get, understand, and can symphasize with the other side of the opinion.
Yes, a lot of the skins are "slutty" and white and not shaded and stolen annndd stolen again and there are a LOT of them, and there DOES need to be more variety in skins.
Nothing can be perfect.

But lets not ruin it for the skinners who make good teen girl skins and shade them and have they're own ideas, because, the main reason we make them is because us girls like to feel pretty, and we are or want to be artists, and we LIKE MINECRAFT and are just showing that girls like it too, not just boys. And if someone spends time and work making girl skins, why would you want to try and ruin they're day by saying what they do is crap and ruining "everything."
that is BULLYING.

This comment on a blog was my main inspiration.
*By striped shirt he/she (sorry I didn't check) means the purple-striped shirt and brown hair and 3 colored pixel eyes girl skin, often called the basic girl skin.*

I realize I do a lot of the things I am pointing out, such as making lots of white skins and many tiny-tops or short-shorts or like litterally making almost only teen girl skins. You might think I'm a hypocrite, but realize I am talking to myself as much as anyone else, as for the things I can start (and stop) doing.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed or at least found this interesting or inspiring, or just something. :)
I did not make this hoping that people would switch sides, that has never happened from a rant blog, I was just hoping that you can see the point of the other guy's side, and that we are all human and different and that is okay. :)

Credit(for the skins) Oblivion/Panya, AmdalAuara, Meggles, many skindex members for "little kelly" skin, which is second from left"

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10/11/2017 4:45 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Dragon
cyber_dragon_123 avatar
I know this is two years late, but...
What exactly separates "teen" skins from "child," "adult," etc.?
03/29/2016 3:01 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Nerd
cosmiicstars avatar
I mostly agree. I'm going to be mature about what I disagree on though.


THAT'S what I have against skins like the second from the left.

I have been made fun of on multiple occasions by the barely shaded Teen Girl Skins. I have been called Ugly, Weird, and a Loser. When I point out that at least my skin is unique, they start cussing at me. I have asked on multiple occasions, "Why do you like those skins?" and here were the answers:

"I like to fit in"
"I like them for just looks."
"They look cute."
"Popular Girls wear them."

So that creates a stereotype that you need a skin like that to be pretty. Another thing is when Boys have fake relationships on Minecraft, I've sometimes seen a situation where the girl has those skins because their, "Boyfriend" likes them. It makes me upset that girls are getting those skins, whether they like them or not, for boys. The boys are helping stereotype these skins. Now, when I say "Teen Skins" I'm referring to skins like Little Kelly and your Generic Skindex skin. Oblivion tags Teen Girl on her skins but I don't mean well-shaded skins like that.

I don't believe skins like that are ruining Minecraft, but I wish they wouldn't judge my unique skin that had a lot of effort put into it. I also feel bad for the very first creators of skins like those because 99% are copied and edited.

I agree on everything else. I won't judge those skins, if they don't judge mine or try and stereotype me into those.
04/25/2016 9:15 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Pixel Painter
KittyRosie avatar
Actually I agree with you, that is stupid and sad girls would wear those skins because of those flat reasons. Nobody has really made fun of the skins I wear but when I have done "skin contests" in creative mode I always lose first lol :) thanks for your feedback and stuff and btw I love ur skins lol :P ~<3
04/28/2016 8:50 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Nerd
cosmiicstars avatar
Oh, thanks so much!
02/09/2016 10:13 am
Level 38 : Artisan Magical Girl
RosieRiley avatar
This article was awesome Kitty *or Rosie* I totally agree
02/09/2016 4:26 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Pixel Painter
KittyRosie avatar
Thank you lots! (yea idk if you call me rosie or kitty lol)
02/10/2016 10:19 am
Level 38 : Artisan Magical Girl
RosieRiley avatar
Lol yes! You can call me Rosie or Riley too:D *most people call me Riley except for my sister on multiplayer idk why:)
02/12/2016 11:09 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Pixel Painter
KittyRosie avatar
Yea ok ^u^ xD
02/13/2016 1:48 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Magical Girl
RosieRiley avatar
Yup sorry that was random xD
02/13/2016 9:11 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Pixel Painter
KittyRosie avatar
haha that is fine I am random also
I like toast
01/14/2016 9:04 pm
Level 46 : Master Technomancer
Melancholism avatar
Like, sometimes I wonder; I've never seen any black skins or anything darker skin toned like, EVER. I mean, to be honest, I haven't ever made one (now I feel bad <3), so I guess all this time I've been waiting for someone else to step up and make a black skin. Like, whenever you search up on PMC, "cute girl skins" you will only have a slim 5% chance of getting a black skin. And I find it stupid that you have to bassacily type in the search: "BLACK cute girl skins" and even then, hardly anything comes up. This is a really good topic that you talked about...also I notice that I am commenting very late from when this was made, lol xD. So yeah. Nice blog! <3
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