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-Acting Happy- Art

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HowlingCentury avatar HowlingCentury
Level 27 : Expert Lemon
Ever just... pretend?
I do. It’s tiring. Being sad,
but smiling.
Pretending you’re alright so
people don’t worry or wonder.

After all, you’ve done enough
burden already.


don't think this.

you’re a required existence in this world.
whether you find out tomorrow, or in a decade,
you're here for a reason.

while you are here, help yourself a bit
and seek help from others around you.

Trust those who have shown they are
trustworthy, avoid those who lie.

make the most of your time here on earth.
we don’t get a second run in life and time
doesn't stop for us.
if we wish to be joyful, then take off the figurative mask you’ve been wearing.

Don’t let those bottles become to full
and heavy to bear.

don’t let them break.

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