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Addicted To FTB?

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avatar PerfectPixel
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Your in your vanilla world, walking around wondering what you should do. You've gone mining , Made Diamond armour , made diamond tools , built an epic castle out of cobblestone , gone to the nether , found a fortress , found a stronghold , gone to the end , defeated the enderdragon then it hits you , You have nothing left to do! *Drumroll* FTB! Ftb is a Launcher that uses different modpacks.

IF you don't know what FTB is, you are in the minority. FTB gained its popularity when tekkit was not able to update due to not have the Mods Authors permission. However FTB Did have the Modders permission. FTB also allows the user to chage to diffferent mod packs similar to tekkit. Some examples include: Mindcrack - Popularized by Youtube , Direwolf20 and Universal Electricity. The player can also create their own packs. Even a Noob can play this , it that easy! And there are millions of things to make and find. From giant savanahs to the Dark Twilight forest , its easy to see how you could get stuck in this for ages. And for Minecraft Veterans like me , it gives us something we don't have very often. New content. There are 2000+ New items to craft , use and find in the world . You can find tons of new stuff in the world, there are tons of new mobs in the Twilight Realm such as Ravens , Forest Elves , Ghost Wolves Fireflys and Cicadas. All this is easy to load up and install using FTB's custom made launcher
Which allws you to set where it will save to, any texture packs yuou want to use , news , and creating your own Modpack.

FTB is so addictive because it gives everyone something they only see once in a while - And tons of it -


Personally I prefer the Mindcrack Modpack.

And I think the best Item in the game is a Jetpack & Longfall Boots

(I know thats 2 But its best if you have both)

Whats you favourite Item & Modpack? Tell me in the Comments!

You can download the Launcher at: Feed-The-Beast.com
CreditThe FTB Team
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