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advanced /give | (beginner) Tutorial | Command #3

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avatar Celeborn99
Level 44 : Master Mage
Hello guys, today I'll teach you, how to use /give and what you can do with it.
You may already know the normal /give @p stick
This will give you a stick.
But we want to go in a advanced part.
1. specific damage or amount
2. enchanting
3. display name and lores
4. attributes
5. anything else

1. specific damage or amount:
Exp: /give @p stone_sword 1 10
The first number after the item name (stone_sword)/item ID (272).
The second number is the damage, the item has. Here the sword has 122 durablity of 132 durablity left.
The second number could also be another type of the item, like redsand to sand. (would be 1)

2. Enchanting on items:
Exp: /give @p glass 1 0 {ench:[{id:16,lvl:8}]}
This simple command will allow you to enchant any item with any enchantment on any lvl.
So just take the command from 1, and the {ench:[{id:--,lvl:--}]} part.
A list of all the id you can find here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Enchanting/ID
Just place your ID behind id.
For the level, you have to do the level your going for on your item.
With the example command you give yourself a stone sword with sharpness 8.

3. Display name and lores:
Exp: /give @p stone 1 0 {Display: {name:"Special-stone",Lore:["special","no, really special"]}}
This command will give you a stone, named "Special-stone" and with the text "special,no really special".
Always, when you're adding any special information/enchantment/attribute to your item, it'll be the first thing in the brackets.
Just as ench/display. This display means the things, which are shown, when you hold your mouse on the item.
As you maybe already found out, name stands for the name and lore stand for the text below.
Everytime you want to have a new line, you've to make a "," between the sentences.
Each sentence of a line has to be in "" to be recognized as lore.
After this we'll close all brackets, we opened before.

4. Attributes:
Exp: /give @p wooden_sword 1 0 {
AttributeModifiers: [{
AttributeName: "generic.maxHealth",
Name: "generic.maxHealth",
Amount: 20,
Operation: 0,
UUIDMost: 33216,
UUIDLeast: 50683

give commands with attributes are longer, so we have to use command blocks, for executing.
So after the first bracket, we've got our describing thing for everything later again "AttributeModifiers".
After this you enter the AttributeName of the Attribute, you want to add.
here we want to do a higher maxHealth while having the item equipped. (Absorbtion)
The Amount is the MaxHealth. 20 is normal.
Other attributes:
generic.followRange The amount of blocks, a monster will see and follow you. (invisibility)
generic.KnockbackResistance The amount of knockback, you can resist per hit.
generic.movementSpeed The speed you're running with (speed)
generic.attackDamage Your basic attack damage dealt with the item equipped. (strength)

Another Attribute is the undestroyable Attribute. It only comes in use for armor/weapons/tools, which loose durablity.
The Attribute name is Unbreakable and has the modifier 1.
Maybe you already know it now. It would be /give @p wooden_sword 1 0 {Unbreakable:1}
Easy, right ?

5. Anything else:
Adventure mode
Anything else ? Yes anything else !
There are some...other things.
For example the CanBreak/CanPlaceOn modifier. It comes in use for adventure maps, playable in adventure mode.
As you might know, its "impossible" to break blocks in the adventure mode.
For that we've got the /give command.
Exp: /give @p diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {CanBreak:[stone]}
This time we've got the CanBreak attribute after the brackets.
In the inner brackets you just add the block type it should be able to break. Same works for CanPlaceOn.
Use "," between different breakable/placeable items.

Hide Flags
Hide Flags is another attribute, you can add to hide different things from your item. For example to have a text "unbreakable" on your item. Or just to hide the enchantments.
The attribute name is HideFlags and is used by so:
/give @p stone 1 0 {ench:[{id:16,lvl:3}],HideFlags:6}
This command gives you an item, which is enchanted and has the blue like effect on the stone, but no enchantment text below the item.
HideFlags:2 Modifiers; Enchantments,Attributes,CanPlaceOn/CanBreak
HideFlags:4 Unbreakable
HideFlags:6 both

That's it (I think) If you want to add anything, leave a comment.
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