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Aether Survival Guide #4 - Dungeons And Bosses

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Before I start, get the Aether mod here. I am not responsible for any messed up Minecrafts. You have been warned. Thanks.

Aether Survival Guide #4 - Dungeons And Monsters

Scattered across the Aether are dangerous dungeons containing fearsome bosses that will take all of your skill and cunning to defeat. However, for those brave enough to defeat those bosses and conquer their dungeons, the rewards that follow are great. There are three different dungeons, varying in difficult from easy to hard, that all have their own special properties, monsters, and bosses -- the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Dungeons.

The Bronze Dungeon


A mysterious crypt etched into the sides of a floating island, home to dark passageways of mossy holystone and dimly lit rooms of carved stone containing deadly traps. Somewhere inside lies the slumbering boss, a 2m^3 block etched with glowing blue runes. The boss can be defeated with a pick axe, axe, or shovel. Known as o The Slidero , it will slide around the room once attacked and try to knock into you, which does significant damage and shoots you into the air for even more fall damage. When the boss finally runs low on health, its runes will turn red, and enter a frenzied mode which increases its speed and damage output. Once defeated, the Slider will drop a Bronze key (for more details, see here: Bronze Dungeon).

HP: A lot

Drops: Dungeon stones and the Bronze Key

Damage: ? per hit, ? per hit when in frenzy, and fall damage


This dungeon is defended by smaller versions of the boss, only 1m^3 in size. They hop towards you at the same rate as a small slime and will explode when they hit you, shooting you into the air for fall damage as well as explosive damage. They only appear when you step on a o trap stoneo which cannot be distinguished from the average dungeon stones, and they drop dungeon stones upon their death. In addition to the dungeon slimes are treasure chests, some of which contain rewards, though not nearly as great as the ones from the locked chest opened by the bronze key. However, some chests are mimics that, when attempted to be opened, will grow teeth and begin to attack you. Once alive, they bounce toward and chomp at you, hitting for small amounts of damage each time and will drop anywhere from 0 to 2 chests upon death.

The Silver Dungeon


This floating temple in the sky is reminiscent of ancient Greek temples and is home to the mighty Valkyries. Before you can face the boss, you must first challenge and defeat ten of these Valkyries, taking the victory medals they drop upon your victory. By presenting ten of them to the Grand Valkyrie, who resides in her throne room as the boss of the dungeon, allows you to challenge her.

She is by far the most powerful Valkyrie and a force to be reckoned with. She attacks in a similar way to the other Valkyries except she has a few new tricks. First, she teleports around the room and prefers to attack from above while brandishing her golden sword. In addition to this, she will also release an ice sphere similar to the ones the Sun Spirit releases with one major difference. These spheres will cause lightning to strike wherever they hit causing you to take a moderate amount of damage. In some ways, this attack pattern makes the Grand Valkyriemore difficult than the Gold Dungeon boss. Once you've bested this especially difficult boss, she will drop her golden sword and a Silver key, which is used to open the silver chest in her throne room.


The defenders of this dungeon are the Valkyries. Even though they will not attack you unless you attack them first, they will attack you as soon as they appear if the game is on hard mode. Conversly, they will not fight you on peaceful difficulty and only teleport to another location as soon as they are stuck. Once provoked, they attack by jumping into the air and falling towards you, striking with their lance for a fair amount of damage. They will drop a victory medal upon their death. As with the Bronze dungeon, mimics and real chests reside here as well.

The Gold Dungeon


A seemingly peaceful island, spherical in shape, dotted with golden oaks, and covered in lush grass (with maybe a waterfall flowing off it). To anybody who doesn't know better, it is a veritable paradise. However, at the core of the island lies a room holding its fiery boss, a Sun Spirit able to control the day and night cycles of the entire Aether.

He is currently keeping the realm in perpetual day and will fight you when you simply talk to him enough to aggravate him, which can be done by right clicking him until the battle begins. Eventually, he'll get so annoyed by your presence that he'll attack, shooting fireballs at you that do a bit of damage and set you on fire. Occasionaly, he'll spit out slower ice balls which can do a bit of damage without the fire, all while flying around the room, hitting you for a large amounts of damage and setting you on fire each time.

He cannot be harmed by any item in the game, but instead can only be killed by punching the ice balls back at him. Upon being hit with the ice ball, he will be damaged, turn his body blue, and in anger release a fire spirit similar to him which will relentlessly pursue and attack you until you kill it. It will do less damage than the boss, and can be harmed by conventional weapons, but is still strong, dangerous, and fast. Once you finally hit the boss with enough ice balls, he will die from the cold, and night will become possible in the aether permanently. (for more details, see here: Gold Dungeon).

HP: Requires 9 amount of hits with ice balls to die

Drops: Gold key

Damage: ? damage per hit with fireball + fire damage, ? damage per hit with ice ball, ? damage per hit by the boss + fire damage, ? damage per hit by fire spirit + fire damage


If you manage to defeat one of the bosses, you're efforts will not have been in vain, for the rewards for conquering a dungeon are great. These rewards can only be gotten from the Gold, Silver, or Bronze Chests found when a boss is killed. Many of these items have very special attributes that no other item has.

Bronze Rewards

Valkyrie Lance

Flaming Sword

Book of Lore Volumes 1, 2, and 3 <<< IGNORE YOU NOW GET THEM BY PRESSING B IN THE WORLD

Hammer of Notch

Lightning Knives (up to 16)

Zanite tools


Phoenix Bow

Swet Cape

Blue Gummie Swet

Gold Gummie Swet

Silver Rewards

Golden Feather

Holy Sword

Flaming Sword

Lightning Sword

Regeneration Stone

Lightning Knives (up to 16)

Blue Gummie Swet

Gold Gummie Swet

Gravitite Armor Set (Either a Helm, Chestplate, Pants, Boots, or Gloves)*

Special Armor Sets (Same as below)*

Gold Rewards

Iron Bubble

Cloud Staff

Pig Slayer

Obsidian Armor Set (Either a Helm, Chestplate, Pants, Boots, or Gloves)*

Pheonix Armor Set (Either a Helm, Chestplate, Pants, Boots, or Gloves)*

Neptune Armor Set (Either a Helm, Chestplate, Pants, Boots, or Gloves)*

Vampire Blade

Regeneration Stone

Invisibility Cloak

Shield of Repulsion

Life Shard

(*Usually only one piece of this set is present in the victory chest upon defeating a boss. This requires the player to raid multiple dungeons in order to obtain a complete set.)

That's all. Diamond, favorite, or subscribe for more. :)

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