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Ages of Adventure - An Original Minedea - 13th Place!

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Mr_Cheach avatar Mr_Cheach
Level 54 : Grandmaster Taco


My minedea is a concept of time. Imagine you are playing as Steve. Steve spawns in the middle of a Jungle Biome. After days of trekking (in-game minutes), you reach the ends of the jungle, only to discover a NPC Village. You settle in the Village and build a small quaint cottage on the outskirts. After many in-game days of mining and developing, you realize that the NPC's have built a few more structures. Why is this? Your game world has entered into a new Age. What is a new age? It is a development of civilization in the NPC world, where the Village gradually becomes a town, and thus later on into a city. However, that is just the basics, there are many more details.

This concept would be intended to be a game-mode, a optional part of Minecraft which adds a certain theme and challenge to the game.


The Ages will develop in a realistic way. Stage 1 of the Ages will be 'The Stone Age', where the World can only generate ores such as Coal, and some Iron. The latter Age will be the 'Information Age', where the NPC Village has become a reasonably large metropolis. It is also the Age, where most Ores, such as Diamond and Gold have become easily available, and furthermore the normal way of retrieving items has become through Trade. Each Age has specifications, information, a picture of the landscape, and a Visitors Experience to really get the feel of the Ages' surroundings. The Ages and there specifications are as followed:


Age I - The Stone Age:

Age I - The Stone Age:

- Ores Available: Coal.

- Buildings Generated: Basic NPC Village.

- NPC Professions Established: Villager, Farmer villager

- Age Information: The Stone age is very basic. The aim of the NPC community at this point is survival, thus the bare minimum of resources are needed. The most used way of finding food is through fishing and hunting. Society hierarchy has not been properly established, so there is no predominant leader.


- A Visitors Experience: "Walking along the small village, I took in the smell of the harvest and fresh grass. Doors to many houses were open and families were situated around the dinner table enjoying their harvested crops and fresh meat. The village was charming and incredibly laid back. Many of the settlements residents lost track of the days, it was so mellow and calming! At night the village was not so different, the villagers gathered around the village water-well and enjoyed the association. However, many of the children and younger generation of the village aspire to something else, something greater of their village. Yet, this does not stop the attraction to this un-touched charm of a settlement."


Age II - The Classic Age:

Age II - The Classical Age:

- Ores Available: Coal, Iron.

- Buildings Generated: Large NPC Village. Now with more housing and barracks.

- NPC Professions Established: Villager, Farmer villager, Librarian villager, Priest villager, Butcher villager, Blacksmith villager, Knight villager,

- Age Information: The Village is now slightly larger and has a certain 'buzz' to it. More buildings are being built with stone, and more structures have being created with a dedicated purpose, such as a Library, and a Church. Society now has a established hierarchy, mostly due to the trades that have become firmly created such as, the Butcher and the Blacksmith! In relation to the hierarchy, a notable change is that the Knights have the majority control of the village, yet there is not any established single figure of authority.


- A Visitors Experience: "The village is quite civilized for a country settlement. The residents have high ambitions of their businesses and trade is truly booming in the community. Visitors from other lands even come to this newly developed community expecting to find rare treasures in trades that cannot be found anywhere else. However, controlling this economic orientated hamlet is the Knights, a group of well trained soldiers whom reside in the barracks and have sworn to protect the village. Yet, I cannot help but notice the level of fear that the villagers have against the Knights. As charming and pretty the village is, I do not feel particularly welcomed in this settlement."


Age III - The Medieval Age:

Age III - The Medieval Age:

- Ores Available: Coal, Iron, Lapis Lazuli, Gold

- Buildings Generated: Large NPC Town. Now with more housing and large Castle.

- NPC Professions Established: Villager, Farmer villager, Librarian villager, Priest villager, Butcher villager, Blacksmith villager, Knight villager, King villager,

- Age Information: The village has now turned into a major Town. The population has never been so high. There are many new notable features to this age. The Town's skyline has been dominated by a new Castle which expresses power, in economic and political terms. The community has also architecturally changed, as a vast majority of the Town's buildings have been crafted out of various types of stone. The most obvious change however, is that there is an established King. The King is harsh in his decisions, yet offers a direct answer to problems, and rarely will anything get in his way when a objective is made, thus development in this age is rapid.


- A Visitors Experience: "As soon as I entered the Town, I could smell the masonry work being done on the newly constructed Castle. The Townsman followed my footsteps attempting to initiate trade. I have never seen a place so busy with people. I stayed overnight in a local pub, only to be awoken by the loud noises of drunkards and locals partying in the streets. It seems this settlement was getting ready for some sort of festival. Later on into the week, a friend; Edward, told me about the crowning of the new King, this explained the loud noises that stopped me from sleeping. Before I departed, I decided to visit the Castle, it was stunning! Filled with powerful architecture, which truly showed how powerful this town has become. I would visit again, but hundreds of people are moving to the town each month, I would imagine the settlement to become too overwhelming soon."


Age IV - The Enlightenment Age:

Age IV - The Enlightenment Age:

- Ores Available: Coal, Iron, Lapis Lazuli, Gold, Diamond

- Buildings Generated: Small NPC City. Now with housing areas and established districts, such as Market District, and University District etc. The People's Parliament has also been established.

- NPC Professions Established: Villager, Farmer villager, Librarian villager, Priest villager, Butcher villager, Blacksmith villager, Knight villager, King villager, Prime-minister villager, General villager, Admiral villager

- Age Information: Appropriately named the enlightenment age, this time period offers more professions and changes in society than any other age. The town has rapidly become a City. The population The City skyline has now been dominated by a newly built Cathedral, showing that the City's dedication is to its Church, and the City's status in power, in economic and political terms. Population has exploded and the City has now got dedicated districts for trade and learning. Architecturally, more resources are available, and materials such as clay are being used more than ever. Palaces and residential mansions are being decorated in gold and diamond, thus showing a new age of wealth and developed hierarchy, but also corruption. However, more interestingly the King does not have all the power like he did in the Medieval Age. Much power now rightfully belongs to the people and their Parliament. The City has an appointed Prime-minister who instigates more fairness and balance in the population. The City has also become a military stronghold offering more jobs to soldiers and specific parts of the military, such as the Navy and Land Army. Due to the expansion of the City and its influence on the outside world, there is significant demand for weaponry and produce, thus the City now has a dedicated area for industry such as; factories. Furthermore, never has there been an age where technology and science has been so driven! The demand for places in the Universities has rocketed hence more information is being discovered everyday.


- A Visitors Experience: "The City is gleaming with buildings and structures. The amount of people in the streets is shocking to the system. On every angle of a street there is a grand structure to lay your eyes upon. One of the most notable structures is the newly built Cathedral. The people are ecstatic at this moment in time! I believe it's because their newly appointed Prime-minister has solved many problems in the City. I was personally overwhelmed in the Market District, yet is was a good feeling. Produce that I have never seen before was being displayed in the market! Foods and spices I have never even come across, or even heard were being eaten by the locals. In the City's public squares, the gentlemen and experts were debating about new scientific theories and principals. Although I deeply enjoyed the city, I was glad to get away from the busy-ness of the city."


Age V - The Modern Age:

Age V - The Modern Age:

- Ores Available: Coal, Iron, Lapis Lazuli, Gold, Diamond, Redstone

- Buildings Generated: Large NPC City. Now with established landmarks, garden districts and a Light Rail Transit System (like the London Underground, NY Subway, etc.)

- NPC Professions Established: Villager, Farmer villager, Librarian villager, Priest villager, Butcher villager, Blacksmith villager, Knight villager, King villager, Prime-minister villager, General villager, Admiral villager, Scientist villager, Immigrant villager, Office villager

- Age Information: The modern age has brought many new ways to the City. The City has become a metropolis with an established City Centre, filled with art-deco skyscrapers. Banking and Office work has become a major way of life. Due to the City's size, citizens use the newly built metro system. Architecturally the City has become very diverse, offering buildings constructed of various types of brick, stone and glass. The City's new aim is wealth, this is evidential as the tallest buildings are now skyscrapers, not the Cathedral. The population has risen to a new record of Characters, mostly thanks to the mass immigration from other lands. Science has never been so developed, and now the City can display its riches and wealth like never before by constructing colossal structure, building beautiful public gardens and displaying new globally recognized landmarks. Due to Scientific development, the Universities have found how they can used Redstone to its full capacity. The newly found physics of Redstone fuelled the Modern Age and its development. The Parliament now has a majority control of the City, however the Royal Family is still in place, meaning the City is not a independent republic. The City has truly prospered economically as a world power, as the most common way of gaining resources is now through trade, meaning that there is little physical work in gaining any sort of material. Many people considered this age as the most peaceful and prosperous.


- A Visitors Experience: "While visiting my cousin in the big city, I was determined to see the landmarks. I had a boat ride around the river to gaze at the awe-inspiring skyscrapers - a new economical way of building office space. The people in this City are truly driven. The diversity in the cosmopolitan settlement is amazing. There are so many people from different cultures and lands. While staying in this busy metropolis, I came to witness many new inventions and gadgets made of 'Redstone', a newly found resource. The majority of citizens in this city now use Public Transport to get from area-to-area. The most astounding type of public transport has been built here! The Metro, a railway that travels underground to the various boroughs that make up the city! There is so much peace and prosperity in this city, I believe I may stay."


Age VI - The Information Age:

Age VI - The Information Age:

- Ores Available: Coal, Iron, Lapis Lazuli, Gold, Diamond, Redstone, Emerald

- Buildings Generated: Gigantic NPC City. Now with functioning businesses, Financial Districts, a City Centre, City suburbs and boroughs.

- NPC Professions Established: Villager, Farmer villager, Librarian villager, Priest villager, Butcher villager, Blacksmith villager, Knight villager, King villager, Prime-minister villager, General villager, Admiral villager, Scientist villager, Immigrant villager, Office villager, Mafia villager, Gangster villager,

- Age Information: The information age is the most dramatic. It began after the modern age came to drastic end due to wars, and global uncertainty. Every bit of space is being used for construction and building. The City has never been so large and the City is regularly filled with NPC's going their way to work. Due to bombings during the wars, many new buildings have been constructed through the new age, meaning that architecturally the City has become the most diverse. Buildings offered include, ancient castles, a Cathedral, Art-Deco skyscrapers, and modern office Skyscrapers. Trade has become vital to the City. Trade ranging from retail to industry. Emeralds have become the City currency, meaning that almost all of the resource gaining has become via currency trading, not directly through gaining the materials directly. Although the City has become a metropolis, not all of its citizens are truly happy due to economic concerns and the stress caused by living in a cosmopolitan society. More crime and violence has become predominant in many of the City's estates and boroughs, hence more characters such as the Mafia and the Gangsters have become part of the City. Society has become more wealthy and advanced, however there has never been so much corruption and crime. What seems to be the greatest age, has become the most challenging - especially for a player to solve.


- A Visitors Experience: "I landed in the City airport shocked by the amount of people crammed into one space. I travelled on the over-crowded Metro line from the airport to the City centre. The architecture was certainly abundant and ranged. On one side of the street there was an old Cathedral, yet adjacent was a modern skyscraper, it is truly wonderful. After a few hours or for some people, days, you get used to the crowds and cosmopolitan life style. At first I was staying in a luxury hotel in the centre of the city, surrounded by tall skyscrapers, banks and big money making entrepreneurs, I felt like I was in the height of luxury. However, later on into the week I started to stay with my friend, Alex, in his apartment on the new estates built in one of the many suburbs. It felt very different to the Hotel, a big contrast indeed. What I found later, was that the gangs and mafia are constantly fighting with each other and practically ruling the suburbs. There is also an on-going battle with the Police and the gangs. It would take a genius and true hero to save this city from further division and poverty."


How long does a Age last? This depends on how long you want the game mode to last. Ranging from three difficulties, each difficulty mode will give you a different amount of time needed to progress into the next age. The following are the list of difficulties and the amount of days needed to advance into the next age:

  • Easy Difficulty - 2 hours of game-play per age
  • Medium Difficulty - 10 hours of game-play per age
  • Hard Difficulty - 24 hours of game-play per age

The reason it is 2 hours of game-play and not just physical time, is because you are needed as a player to help progress the community into the future. The easiest way of doing this is by completing missions. Although a Age might be complete, without completing at least one mission, the age will not progress.


Each Age has specific missions to help develop the settlement and community. The following have at least two examples of missions used in each age. As the ages go on, the missions become more complex.

Stone Age:

- Collect 64 pieces of coal, cobblestone and wood for the village.

- Help farm 10 blocks of wheat.

Classical Age:

- Collect 128 pieces of Iron and Cobblestone for the village.

- Help build 5 new houses.

Medieval Age:

- Collect 64 pieces of Gold.

- Help build the Library and Castle Walls.

- Help fight off the invasion from the barbarians.

Enlightenment Age:

- Help 3 shops to open properly in the new Market District.

- Help the newly appointed Prime-minister to set up a new parliament.

- Help the General to hire 2 new battalions.

Modern Age:

- Help the workers build 'Line 1' of the new Metro System.

- Help the National Bank build the tallest building in the City.

- Discover 2 new ways of using Redstone.

Information Age:

- Help build a new modern skyscraper for the demand of office space.

- Help the Police to bust the newly developed Mafia group in the Ghetto.

- Help build a new state of the art General Hospital.

- Be successfully appointed as Prime-minister.

As ages go by the Missions become less about gaining resources and more about the City's community. The final mission is becoming the leader of the City. However, these missions are not completely detailed (mostly because I do not want to stray from the subject), and there would be more missions available.


A transition of Age does not happen over time. The game-mode is not that in-depth. Instead the transition would take a in-games nights sleep. Thus the player would literally wake up and he/she would have entered the new age. Yet, like previously said, the player would of had to completed a certain amount of missions to go into the next age. The transition is probably the most simple aspect of this minedea.

The transition of ages is effectively waking up and becoming part of another generation of people. Most buildings the player would have built in the past age may have been destroyed and replaced with a new structure. This is to keep the settlement in-tune with the era it is in.


This minedea would improve Minecraft because it would offer a true RPG part of the Game - not just surviving, but helping and growing a whole community! You will see a Society grow effectively from scratch. It would be used by many Minecraft fans internationally. The Idea also offers more type of gameplay, especially with the missions, and more importantly the range of missions available. The missions get the player to build and create, to organize, to fight, and to discover. This idea will also help the player to understand how real history happened, and how the information age (the present), is plagued with much more problems than people realise, thus it promotes the player to solve the problems, instead of creating them. The player will become attached to the community and see how helping, and co-operation helps society as a whole. I believe this minedea would not just change Minecraft, but would change a persons opinion on the real world.

Thank You ever so much for reading. If you enjoyed reading my Minedea, please Diamond, Comment and Subscribe.

~ Mr_Cheach
CreditA Special Thanks to ALL of my building team in the Rosavia City Project! You guys are great. Thanks Again.

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13th Place! : by Mr_Cheach 01/27/2013 8:52:56 amJan 27th, 2013

Im so pleased I even reached the top 50. I also believe 13th place is an amazing achievement. There was 1,652 who entered the contest - and I came 13th! A true milestone in the Cheachyverse.

I would like to congratulate dingousa on his 1st place. It was very well deserved.

Thank You for all the support guys! Can't wait to post my next BIG blog!

~ The Cheach

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12/12/2013 10:07 pm
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I had this exact same idea, if only i posted it on the contest LOL
02/28/2013 3:21 am
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based on age of empires series.
Great! LoL!
03/12/2013 11:15 am
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lol kinda... xD
01/29/2013 11:22 am
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Jacob Rigoberto
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this was a real good idea!
13th is not that bad when ya think about all ideas that joined this contest.
01/27/2013 10:08 am
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Congrats. I was granted 20th place. Yipee I guess? I was pretty much just trying to beat Dasko, so I guess my dreams were fulfilled.
01/27/2013 10:27 am
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haha thanks man. And yeah! Thats a big accomplishment. like i said in my update, thats 20th place out of 1600+ entries. Thats amazing for anyone. And lol - well yep! You beat Dasko. Congrats? yeah - congrats. xD
01/26/2013 12:43 am
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this i like but i would like if ages take more time though.
01/27/2013 8:43 am
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Yeah thats cool tbh. Thanks for the comment dude! :D
01/25/2013 8:04 pm
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Man you didn't win. I was really hoping that you would. Crossing my fingers and everything.
01/27/2013 8:43 am
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Haha thank you! But oh well. I enjoyed myself! And thats what matters! I still think 13th place is still pretty good tbh! Thanks again for the comment mate! :D
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