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Jons name is on TOP because he runs the server

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avatar motorstormer1000
Level 15 : Journeyman Architect
The story goes prepare yourself...

I cancelled all the upload and I a
Im going over the map making sure it is right and there are no bugs... or any broken fences or creeper wholes...

I am so tired.. I have been working on the map the whole of today almost...

Schedule for today :P
  • 10 am talk on placement and Yog challenge... (because of Virgin Media internet on our end being down.)
  • Begin work on church and rail systems
  • 11am creeper attack at the church and run into more creepers at the house itself
  • 12 ish pm realise that we forgot to finish the mansion :P
  • 12.30 pm creepers on island blow up sky island :( (it is for something else.... but youll realise when you play)
  • 2pm start skyscraper
  • 4pm get to the max height of the skyscraper then zombie spawn and we fall off and die
  • 6pm Thomas finishes texture editing and we realise that the transarency's do not work correctly..
  • 7 pm Jon goes into vulcan mode and destroys my church and some of the mansion
  • 7.30 ish Thomas accidentally destroys some of the challenge area (we now have removed it and added in the backup schematics for the original short trials :P but the lava jump needs work)
  • 8pm server offline I go home and begin offline work as Jon is not allowed on the pc unless I am there (strange parents, it is his pc, and same for Thomas)
  • from 8pm to 11pm I have fixed lots of wholes and track and mechanisms and just now re- placed all of the trees...

so delays for a little while.. i will update
CreditMe thomas jon

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