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Aidster8000? Nope! 8BitShadows!

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avatar 8BitShadows
Level 46 : Master Blob
Hey guys!
Long time no see!
Today is a update blog about stuffs revolving around things I'm making.
I have a surprise that will hopefully be coming out today. NOTE: Surprise. No hints XD

Username Change!

I recently asked Cyprezz to change my username because of all the crap people were giving me.
"Oh you're AIDSter so you must have aids HAHAH."
So long story short, Cyprezz is amazing, and I love him :D

Adventure Craft!

Well, you get at least one hint, I'm making my surprise in Adventure Craft.
Recently, it's been going down in popularity due to the creator, Cryect, not updating it.
Well, I'm bringing it back. It has way to many amazing features for me to not like it. It's my favourite mod!
It has: Boomerang, Bombs, Keys, Locked doors, Triggers (for unlocking doors, giving players items, etc.), Guns, Bomb Arrows, Hearts, ability to have different textures for each maps, Heart Containers (you start with 3 hearts, and you can get up to 20 hearts with the heart containers), and so much more that if I tried to say everything then this would be a very long page. And one thing that makes it even better, is that you can add scripts so you can modify items. Example, you could make a Stone Sword set mobs on fire. You could make a magic bar. A Chestplate that allows you to breathe underwater. Links to everything are below.


It's actually just using 1.7.3. You have to put a 1.3.2 jar into your bin folder and it MUST be called minecraft.jar
Then when you open it click Install, not Install via Login. It'll copy your jar and do all of your stuff. Then it opens, and you are ready to do EVERYTHING! Have fun kids! XD If you need anything, just ask me in the comments.

I'm gonna go make the map. See ya!

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  • LilPanda
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • March 14, 2013, 5:45 am
dafuq Aids ._.
8BitShadows is a cool new name :)
  • Lax_People
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Pokemon
  • March 11, 2013, 9:36 am
Hurray :)

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