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Akutori explained, Part 1/3 (Pop reel)

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Arianwyn avatar Arianwyn
Level 44 : Master Princess
First of, this illustration is an ancient painting of a dark spirit, renowned for his wickedness and slithery behavior.

He was an ancient creature of darkness, and was so feared and wicked that no one dared cross his path. Those who happened to meet him were never found again...

It was said that mysterious demons have been sighted in the areas he'd been. Demons that all were obsessed with a certain thing: some of them were insane creatures set only on killing, for the sheer pleasure of making blood stream. Others spreaded sadness and despair. Some were horrible perverts that commited the worst atrocities...

This man has been said to be one of the most awful creatures to ever live. He went around for over than 1,000 years. Finally, a coalition of exorcists, warriors, mages and other powerful humans went to fight and defeat him. After a war that lasted for several years, he was beaten, but couldn't be killed. To get rid of him, he was turned into a bird and sealed away in a very special artifact.

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02/08/2023 8:44 pm
Level 41 : Master Necromancer
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Also nice art and lore
02/08/2023 8:47 pm
Level 44 : Master Princess
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Yup. That's only the beginning...
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