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Aliquam Creative - Server Review

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avatar Officerkit
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I took a bit of your suggestions this time. The server IP and stuff will be written at the bottom. This is not an advertisement, its a little series im starting, understand? <3

                              A                                                         A Creative Beginning

Spawn - - Spawn was huge and magnificent, and icy. First, you get greeted by three signs. "Welcome to *server IP*" "The best creative server." Thing is though,a lil bit cocky (dont even think about it, you know what I mean). Then a little set of commands to get you started. Its fine, because its a pretty cool server from what I can tell.  You go down a cute little set of stairs, onto a little broad riverside, docklike thing, high up in the air. My question is, what is it for? All you need is the little area, and theres so much area. 7/10. It was beautiful, and that is what makes sense, but you should help your visitors feel a lil bit more relaxed.

Next up, commands. I dont even know how to describe it, its a click little thing. Its fancy, and they seem to worked very hard on it. 9/10, and it doesnt show a crapton of plugins.

This is a plotme server, right? A plot is not even comparable to the size of the WORLDS you get. Thats right, its so big, that they can call it a world. 320 blocks x 320 blocks. Can you believe that? 11/10 for plotme. Not kidding, I don't even know what to do with all the space.

Overall; This server is 8.5/10. No joke bruh, this server is cool. aliquam.org:25573 Server IP. 

Slight update: This server is also really cool do the fact its so customizable. You can actually make your own survival world, if you want. Its THAT customizable. And, from what I understand of it, if you contact an admin, you can install a minecraft map. Pretty neat? I think so!

Community (So far) : The community isn't that great. When you come on the server, you're not welcomed, besides a sign. Then, if you say 'hi' to a player, they don't respond. This might be due to the fact its polish, but 4/10. If you were to make a multilanguage network, you should do it on different servers. 

Diamond, favorite, and subscribe! ( i love you )

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so mean ): this is the best server ever! on other servers they dont greet u plus why would they? there not ur frined
  • Feriach
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  • December 27, 2014, 10:03 am
It's not plotme- it's cWorlds, our own plugin. We call it a world because it is a world and it has his own world border which expands as you rank up. (up to 1000x1000 or even more). I've added link to your review in the server's page.

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