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All of Kādo's expressions and outfits lol

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Theodoor avatar Theodoor
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So uh, i decided to collect my new personas expressions and things I made while I was messing around with the picrew, and uh, You get to see her eye color so thats a plus??? Anyway all picrew links will be listed at the bottom of each picture, I did not make this art but this is my fully original character, so please don't upload them anywhere on social media I'm the only one allowed to use her image (still this is only because she's my creation it has nothing to do with the art, As I stated before this isn't my art and i'm not trying to take any credit for it), Fanart and fanskins is always allowed <3

On the same picrew
All of Kādo&#039;s expressions and outfits lol
Main image I use her for this is also my pfp

All of Kādo&#039;s expressions and outfits lol
This one I got their pride pin on there, when I made the original image I wanted them to be aromantic but then I decided to make them non-binary so I updated it with their respective pride pin (:

All of Kādo&#039;s expressions and outfits lol
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CreditMaowdoodles, LovelyDeps, Daereamart, Parfait

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11/26/2021 4:27 pm
Level 43 : Master Goblin
Rakkitatoru avatar
Aaaa I got the eye color wrong on the fanskin
Ima go change it :>
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