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All secrets in map "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria |FNaF|"

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avatar Nyakawaii
Level 45 : Master Cake
I'll show there all easter secrets in my map
(I hope, that you found some of them <:3)

1. Home of main character
Go to blue car, press on plate, and go up on 3 floor, 8 apartament (written on the keys in inventory)

2. Fredbear's Family Diner
Go on other side of blue car and press on plate *magic*
2.1 Mystery plushie
At nighttime look in woods, and you'll find Silver plushie

3. Way to abadoned factory
Go to back alley of pizzeria (territory with dumpster and broken costume) and press button on truck (on the left from you side), and then magic happens...
3.1Secret messages (Inside the factory)
Go to upper floor, then find shulker chest nearby control module & monitor wall *read the tablet*
3.2 Mystery plushie
At nighttime go to room with broken wall, and you'll see Silver plushie

5. Orville land
In the back alley, go to corner with ladder, press button "climb up", come down on ladder.
P.S. to activate the light in room and rollercoaster, activate the lever on generator (in room above park)
5.1 Secret observer
*Press on the signs*
5.2 Secret message
Go to owner's office (House on wall) and open shulker box. *read the tablet*

6. Plushie room
Go inside pizzeria, in supply room, behind reception (room with boxes), destroy box right in front if you, open the door.

7. Room behind the stage
Go on stage and go right to nearest stars decoration from chica (right), walk thro them, reak the wall for 2 blocks (player size).

8. Monitor rooms in pizzeria
First room is left from stage ( you can go to it from stage, and from dining hall) . Second is in Kid's cove, nearby Mangle's poster. At night, you can turn on some light in pizzeria, using these rooms.

9. Misfits room
Go to "Parts&Service", then go to box, nearby cupcake and Light switch, destroy wall piece, nearby cupcake (Bonnie's wall).

10. Old pizzeria (FNaF2)
Go to "Parts&Servise", find control module (like control shock switch in sister location), press button behind it.
P.S. To come back, just press the button, nearby broken stage.

11. Mangle's quest (how to pass)
Go inside the ship
*1 room* press hidden under right banner button, while standing flat to right wall.
*2 room* pull the lever, behind endo
*3 room* get your fazcoins and go through the maze

12. Basement
Go through the kitchen to small room with boxes and elevator. Go to elevator and press red button, to go down, then go out from elevator, press switch on your left, to turn lights on.
Go to back alley, find trapdoor, go down, then go through water pipes, go through the door.

12.1 Inspector room
Go to animatronic testing room (that contains Bonnie, Chica, Freddy), behind stairs there will be door to this room.
12.2 Fredbear's room
Go to office (straight down the corridor, then right), turn on 2 levers, go back to elevator (not inside), and you'll see open door with sign "Danger"
12.3 Machine room
Go to Foxy's room, then through the vent to contrl room, go on conveyour, turn right and go, press lever in underground generator room( after you'll see message: "I heard a creack"), go back to control room, through the doors, and then go in vent (in room with Ennard).
12.4 Circus room
Go on conveyour, turn left to scooping room, then through the vent to Circus room.

13. Fazbear ent. office quest
At nighttime, go to black car, and find compromate (it is in scanner)

That's all Folks! Luv u!

Map: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/freddy-fazbear-s-pizzeria-fnaf/

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