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All Wooden Things in Minecraft Should Have Different Types of Wooden Variants

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avatar wjrowan
Level 10 : Journeyman Pig

From the planks to the
sign most wooden stuff has variants depending on the type of wood used and they
look great but there is more wooden things in the game that don’t have
different variants of wood that would look awesome with different variants (and
wooden tools but that’s self-explanatory). I think this is a problem that needs
to be fixed. This would open a lot of new doors to creativity in Minecraft. The
reason for this is for example think about the signs, when new variants of
signs were added they were extremely helpful for builders for building cool chairs
were the armrests/signs fit in.

That’s only one
example of how wooden variants of blocks changed Minecraft. The same thing
happened with doors, trapdoors, pressure plates and buttons. The wooden
variants of chests would not be that hard to make anyway because Minecraft has
already set what each would variant includes. for example, dark oak has golden doorknobs
and birch has big transparent parts. Therefore, chests should have different wooden variants.

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