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Allay at Ikea FULL STORY PART 1

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So a bit of background on this: I've been putting a sprite of a hastily drawn allay in various places, and mostly I've been putting her at Ikea. I have decided to make a little story about her [​mis] adventures at the swedish furniture store!
So the story:

Allay had known Copper golem and Glare for a while, and around October 11, she began to get a strange feeling that something big would be happening real soon, and she would be right - something big would happen to her in less than a week, and worried about this, Allay wanted to spend as much time as she possibly could with her two friends. She came out of her house and flew to IKEA where she had promised to meet them. Little to her surprise, they weren't there yet, so she waited for them in the cafeteria.
It wasn't long before she decided to go order some swedish meatballs. Allay rested on a seat and was starting to get hopeless.
"Are they really coming to meet me?" She asked.
Suddenly, her phone rang. The tone range in the catchy tune otherside, a song by a person named Lena Raine that she was quite fond of. Allay, as well as her friends, had no clue who in the world Lena Raine was, but she loved her music regardless. Excited, she picked up her phone to see that it was Copper golem
"Hey Allay, sorry to keep you waiting, but I just got a strange feeling about showing up in public today. Glare just called me and told me that he thought that something was up today'"
"That's strange... I felt that same way this morning,"
"I'm really sorry, but I think we will have to postpone this trip to the 15th. Perhaps we could go somewhere else today?"
"Oh, I'd be completely happy with meeting elsewhere today!"

That day, Allay, Copper golem, and Glare met up at the urban park by her apartment. On the 15th, they went to Ikea.

Allay wasn't surprised to be the first one to show up, and this time, her friends actually showed up.
The three of them spent a few hours browsing the store, and eventually decided to buy some furniture. When Allay and her friends got out, she looked around to see that her friends were gone!
Allay freaked out and dropped her freezer bag filled with meatballs . She began to fly around looking for them, but it soon began to rain, and she rushed back inside, making a few trips back to get the boxes and bags. After panicking and flying around in circles in the lobby, she noticed something; the store was closed, and she was locked in. She was alone and scared, and flew over to the bedroom showrooms where she called Copper golem and Glare, but didn't get a response from either. For her first few hours in the store, Allay flew around looking for her friends, but had no success. She then flew downstairs to the food marketplace, grabbed a power bar, quickly scribbled a note on a post it and lied it on the counter with the appropriate payment for food she picked up. Then, she headed back up to the showrooms and pulled out her phone. To calm herself, she turned on another song by Lena Raine, Infinite Amethyst.

Allay awoke in the bed to find the store open, and was understandably confused and a bit upset.


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