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alone- a cry for help 2

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avatar lencoast
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alone part 2

*lunch bell rings*

willow-*decides she is going to skip the rest of the school day*, *she goes into a bathroom stall and waits until many people have left the cafeteria and it becomes more quiet* *covers her mouth so no one hears her crying*
*3 girls walk in*
rachel- honestly i'm tired of daniel he has just been a straight up jerk this whole week. he has also been taking longer to reply to my snaps
sydney- he has been acting pretty trash recently
rachel- i dont get it.. do you think he still likes me?
sarah- i'm sure he does, daniel is just daniel
sydney-who was that girl i saw you with earlier sarah?
sarah- this random chick, felt sorry for her after we kind of joked around with her yesterday
rachel- she is so weird
sydney- i heard she is like some sort of witch or something, that's why people avoid her
sarah- what..
rachel- what?
sydney- i mean who knows its probably just a rumor
rachel- who knows
*bell rings*
*they walk to their class*
*willow waits until they leave to exit the stall and starts crying even harder*
willow to self-why do people assume these absurd things
*she sees the principal as she walks out and looks down, luckily he didn't notice her*
*she takes the nearest exit to the parking lot and spots ryan*
willow to self- is he skipping too?
*ryan glances at her for a few moments, running his hands through his hair*
*willow nervously smiles at him, he smiles back*
willow to self- don't even think he really cares about me skipping, hope he doesn't tell everyone. i don't want people to assume
im leaving for a ritual or something
*ryan runs up behind her*
ryan- hey *he says hastily*
willow- h.. hi
ryan- sorry about earlier, i.. i didn't-
willow- its okay *smiles, continues walking*
ryan- have a good day willow
willow- as well
* gets into her car and keeps looking out until ryan leaves* *starts tearing up again*
willow- seems like every moment someone shows me the least bit of care i get emotional
*she starts her car and throws her book bag in the back seats*

-end of part 2

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