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Am I back or not? Did I ever really leave? What am I doing now?

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avatar DreamBliss
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Hey everyone! So yeah, my attempt to create a Let's Play died a horrible death due to hardware complications and lack of interest (audience lack of interest, not mine). So I stopped playing Minecraft for a while. Then something drew me in to create that Avomance tree tutorial. Or maybe that happened first then I left. Dunno.

Anyhow I came back, and Minecraft had gone from 1.12.2 or whatever it was when I started through at least two updates (Aquatic and... Bees?) I have dug out my old gaming PC which I built back in 2012-2013. It is handling the game, with shaders, better than my laptop. But man that Aquatic (1.13x) update made the game almost unplayable for me! I mean one day I could play it on my laptop, and literally, the next, I couldn't. Well I could play it, sorta, but I definitely couldn't record my gameplay. Very frustrating!

Anyhow I ventured back into Morrowind, and apparently I have left again. I didn't leave myself a note, just found myself getting Minecraft working on my old gaming PC, then I was building a new house and... Speaking of... Didya want some screenies? Sure you did!

Dr00l View 1

Dr00l View 2

Raindrops fallin' on my head....

Using Fabric, WorldEdit, Optifine, OptiFabric, Suess Renewed Shaders (weird bug, looking through glass makes water invisible...), blah blah blah... Oh and Steven's Traditional textures. My fav textures, Sortex Fanver, don't work (insert crying emoji.)

I MIGHT release a schematic of this... Maybe... Or I MIGHT share the save file. I mean it is an awesome looking world! Debating if I want to try any new vidz with Minecraft. We shall see...
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