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Among Us Murder Mystery - Unfinished

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Alright so, I kinda forgot who the imposter was in this story. And never finished it cause I also just entirely forgot about the story. Whoops. If I remember who the imposter is I'll start writing this again, so if you're interested you can favorite it to get notified when it updates or whatever.
Just figured that I'd post what I have so far, at least to have the people who won the raffle to see just a little bit twt

The winners got to name five of the characters in this story
moltenoni FameMonster Lemilas Aurosilia Ang333

alright now time to copy & paste from google docs


  It began just like any other day on the ship. After picking up my sheet of tasks for the day, I went off to electrical to fix some of the wiring there. Passing both Czerri and Aqua, I began to turn into the room when all of a sudden the ship began to jerk and twist, red lights flashing as blaring alarms went off.
  Alert. Reactor unstable. Alert.
  “Well that’s not good,” I muttered, running towards the rumbling lower engine. Luckily for us, electrical was pretty close to the reactor, and I met up with Alderax there coming from the upper engine, and with their help stabilized the thing.
  “Odd. The reactor almost never melts down. It’s always been extremely stable,” said Alderax. “Go and grab Grapes and tell her to come look at this, will you Bolt?” he said. I nodded and ran off. Grapes was in charge of the reactor and shields, and normally she’d check up on it before checking shields. Why had she suddenly changed her schedule? Half running I passed the lower engine and electrical again, and passed part of storage when I noticed a strange stain on the ground. Had one of our packages from the last planet we had stopped by begun to leak? Following the trail, I pushed away some boxes and gasped. I had found Grapes. Though it was only half of her. I ran to a panel on the wall and slammed the emergency meeting button. This wasn’t good.
  All nine living members of the crew met up around the center table in the cafeteria. I nervously fiddled with my fingers as Captain addressed the situation. We had lost Grapes, which wasn’t good because her job was one of the most important.
  “So you just found them hidden behind some boxes?” Aqua asked me. I nodded. Everyone turned their heads suspiciously towards the most bored looking member of the group.
  “What?” asked Shady. Even in the light his spacesuit was the darkest black. “I was in admin with white,” Captain nodded his head. “So was Golden,”
  Each one of us here on the ship had a nickname, given to us by the others. Most of them, like Shady’s, were quite obvious. His job was primarily weapons, taking care of dangerous asteroids that could damage the ship. But in deep space there weren’t very many of those, so he mostly hung out in admin monitoring things or just hanging out by himself. That’s why we called him Shady. With his black outfit and odd habits he seemed quite shady. But he’d been on this ship for a long time, and even though he didn’t get along with everyone I knew he wouldn’t have gotten Grapes.
  “It could have just been one of the packages, we didn’t know what was in there,” Golden said. His name was Fredrick, but we just called him Golden or even Golden Freddy at some times. That was because not only of his yellow suit, but also his hoard of trophies and medals. Golden worked in communications and admin. He was pretty close to where I found Grapes’ body. But he didn’t lie ever. He couldn’t risk ruining his reputation.
  “Nothing that was alive, otherwise I’d have to feed it wouldn’t I?” Mocha said nervously. Mocha wrung her hands shakily in her lap. She was in charge of the janitorial chores, and making meals. Though said meals were mostly just the bland dried space food packets, but some things were okay, like the fruits. Except for the grapes, only Grapes had eaten the grapes. Mocha was one of the nicest people on board, even though she was a complete monster in the mornings before her coffee.
  “I was in O2, so it wasn’t me,” Aqua said calmly.
  “Are you sure about that?” Alderax asked, slamming his fist against the wobbly table.
  “We still don’t know if it’s-” Doc interrupted, trying to stop the two from arguing with each other for the possibly one hundredth time. They just couldn’t get along. Both would definitely blame each other. Doc couldn’t have done it, that was for sure. They couldn’t stand it when people died, whether it was in a movie or in real life. They definitely weren’t the killer. And it couldn’t have been Alderax, he had been with me. I wasn’t too sure about Aqua though. He’d always been a tad bit sadistic at times, and liked to calmly argue with everyone. But O2 was pretty far from storage. It couldn’t have been him.
  Honestly if you thought about it, it couldn’t have been anyone. Alderax was in the upper engine. Aqua was in O2. Doc would have been in medbay, and Shady, Captain, and Golden were in admin together. I was in electrical, and Mocha was probably cleaning up after breakfast with Czerri, who always helped her out. Then Czerri would have gone to security, but I had seen her with Aqua while going to electrical. And it definitely wasn’t me.
  But we were the only people on the ship. It had to be one of us. One of use was an imposter. And everyone had alibis, so it wasn’t like we could do anything.
  “Let’s just get back to work,” Captain said. “If anyone starts acting suspicious, call an emergency meeting. Same if you find another body,”
  “Alright Captain,” We all nervously left admin to do our tasks, except for Golden, who continually failed to properly swipe his card. As I turned the corner I snickered along with Shady when we heard the machine beep the invalid noise.
Creditmoltenoni - named Golden Freddy, FameMonster - named Alderax, Lemilas - named Aqua, Aurosilia - named Czerri, Ang333 - named Mocha, creators of among us

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