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An Average Morning in an Average Life of an Average Couple (Chiaroscuro's Writing Contest)

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avatar ieryana
Level 24 : Expert Princess
Submitted for Chiaroscuro's Writing Contest
Word Count : 982


Daisy glanced at the just boiled kettle, placed the last mug from the pile she'd been washing upside down on the draining board and opened a cupboard to grab a teabag. Two left.

“Darn-it” she said out loud as she popped one into a mug and poured water over it, before adding milk and sugar. “Darn-it again” she noticed the milk was nearly all gone, no doubt it hadn't been put on the list. Glancing at the fridge door she could see no one had thought to put it on the shopping list she had pinned up. Shaking her head she sat down at the breakfast bar and absent mindedly stirred the mug whilst reading the newspaper that was put through her door earlier that morning.

“What's up?” Ted walked in with a towel round his waist, rubbing his short curly hair with another one. Fresh out the shower, Daisy could smell a familiar scent clinging to his black curls.

She wacked him with the teatowel she'd just been using to wipe down the surface. “Well, not only have we run out of teabags, and nearly milk, you appear *whack* to have *whack* used my *whack* mango shampoo! Again! *whack whack* Come on man, I'm nearly out and it's not cheap”

Ted grinned and grabbed her arms, spinning her round into a tight bear hug, and rubbing his wet curls all over her face and neck. “Id only used a tiny tiny bit, and don't I smell gooood” Daisy squealed and wriggled but he was big and his job made him strong, she couldn't wriggle away. He waggled his wet hair at her one last time and let her go. Using the last of the milk, he poured himself a coffee. “I hate this instant stuff” He gestured at the jar on the side, “Can't you see if you can get some of that filter stuff?”

“I can try” said Daisy, “But the stores been out these last few times, and you know how hard it is to get stuff in out here”.
“True, but we've got a bit more than most, see if you can cast your magic on that old Quartermaster, he's got a twinkle in his eye for you”
Daisy grinned “don't call him that, that's cruel, and bless him you know he lost his wife, he must be lonely, but I'll see what I can do. You're off work today as well right?”
“Yea” Ted had stuffed a biscuit in his mouth and span around, grinning at her and he dropped crumbs all over the clean kitchen.
“Oh my gosh” Daisy threw a cloth at him “I expect this place spotless then by the end of today! We're both off, lets get it all nice and neat” Ted rolled his eye but swept up the crumbs and threw them in the bin.

Ted worked in the underground system that the city was digging out.
They had planned a fantastic new system with transport, shops, hospitals, even schools and barracks right under the existing city on top, and they employed engineers to work the machines. Ted was one of these engineers, sure the machines did do most of the work, but as Daisy leant against the sideboard and stared at his scarred torso, tight with lean muscles and a wirey strength she thought how most often the engineers had to move the rocks and rubble themselves when the machines failed.

Her job was much less manual, she was a technician in a science lab, thinking up new ways to build new machines, and always working towards fixing societies issues. All that was ever in the papers was how society was broken, how they had strayed away from what was important, and now it was too late. Blah bah blah. She worked hard but it sometimes felt like a loosing battle. It was a long way off, but they'd had a breakthrough in recent weeks. It was hard work for them both, mentally and physically draining but they earned a good wage, comparatively, and they both got a day off, it was rare it was together though.
“We need to go to the stores” said Daisy as she started to put away the pots drying on the sink. “We need teabags, and bread, and we should really get some meat for a meal this week we've been really neglecting our diet and ...”
“..and and and” Ted grinned and wrapped the tea towel around her waist, pulling her into him. He leant in to kiss her when they both heard a little voice from the doorway

“Eew mummy, you let Ted kiss you”
Ted and Daisy giggled and broke apart. Pushing him away, Daisy went over and picked up the little girl in her arms and swung her around.
“Good morning princess Elsa, would you like some toast? And yes, Mummy and Ted are assigned, we do kiss each other, that's how it works” She kissed the top of the little girls hair, thick black curls that refused to be tamed and put her on the sofa with a book.
Ted grabbed Elsa's and started to tickle her. “Why don't you go to the stores and I'll stay here and me and Elsa can tidy?" Ted glanced up at Daisy and a frown danced across his brow. "Is that ok? You dont....do... do you need an escort? Are you scared of the big bad wasteland outside?” He grinned at her and Daisy picked up her handbag and poked his side, tickling him. “Don't be a fool” she said, “Ok, I won't be long”

She went over to the hatch and put on the hazmat suit all city dwellers must wear when leaving their living quarters. She smiled to herself, no one was scared of the wastelands, not anymore. All the bad things that were out there had died long ago, nothing could survive for long out there. She stepped outside into the deserted city, wind blowing dead leaves and litter across the overgrown concrete. She raised her stun gun and set off to the quartermasters stores, ration book tucked firmly in her handbag.


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  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • December 28, 2018, 5:39 pm
What the heck? This is so much more hilarious and creative than my entry! With this amount of wit put into a couple's average life, I hope you're able to get into the next round. :3
  • ieryana
  • Level 24
  • Expert Princess
  • December 29, 2018, 1:48 am

Nawwww thank you!

I loved your entry though, imagery was great :3
  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • December 29, 2018, 12:27 pm
You're welcome! :D

Also, thank you so much for the compliment! I tried to be as hyper detailed with mine as I could, but what really makes yours stand out from the rest was that hilarious self-aware title. By stars, I could laugh at that for hours and I'd never get tired of it. x3

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