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An awesome Texture Pack Ep.1 - Rotro's Smooth 16x16

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avatar ThatOne_Potato
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
Hey guys! my username is ThatOne_Potato! But since we're all friends here, just call me Noah. Anyway, I'm going

to start a new "Blog Series" here on PMC called "Awesome Texture Packs" Today, I'm gonna shine some light on a

quality texture pack, "Rotro's Smooth - 16x16" I had a "chat" with Rotro himself on his texture pack:

Me: Bro. This is awesome! however, did you ever think about changing the Hunger bar and Health bar to something a little less...square? Not saying I don't like it! It's still pretty epic, just a little constructive critisism. Either way, you earned a download and a diamond!

Rotro: Thank you a lot man! I will probably change the hunger bar and food bar to something "less square" as you said, but I'm going to wait until i finish some of the more important textures such as the items or animals. Thank you so much for the positive comment!

As you can see on a personal note, Rotro seems like a good guy, or girl :). He is fairly new in the PMC community,

(submission-wise), and is off to a great start. Below is my review about the actual texture pack itself.

Review: Right off the bat when you boot up Minecraft with this texture pack on, you notice how detailed just about everything is. Although there is simplicity in each block, there is equal amount of detail. This texture pack does a great job of staying closely true to the original textures of Minecraft, while still having it's own unique nature inside each block. However, some blocks are in a love-hate situation. For example, the glowstone is a very simple, gold-yellow solid block with a soft, radiating glow. Now for you simple-pack lovers out there, this is probably a good thing, however, for you detail maniacs, this could pose a problem. Nonetheless, you will be too amazed by the other quality blocks to care more about those blocks that are not your favorite.

Pros: --- Great Cobblestone Texture
--- All fluids look simple, with a nice unique touch to them
--- Terrain looks absolutely amazing
--- The break animation resembles the Dokucraft animation, and seems to me to chop/mine/punch/ faster!
--- Mobs and Animals retain their original Minecraft Look! (For now)
And SO many more things! I suggest for a full look on ALL of the textures, go see his texture pack!

Cons: --- Some blocks look too simple, some to the point where you have to question what block they are.
--- The health and hunger bar are maybe a little underworked, as shown as simple squares. However, there is a plan to fix it. (See "chat" above)
--- Some "decorational" objects are a bit too unaethstetic.

Keep in mind that this texture pack is not COMPLETELY done yet, as mentioned above, he plans on making some minor tweaks and changes here and there to the pack.

So when you swing by his page, and look at this awesome texture pack, make sure to download, diamond, and drop a comment and mention this review by ThatOne_Potato.

My Score: 8.5/10.0

Also, make sure you guys give me some feedback on weather or not you liked this article, as I plan on doing more.

07/03/2012 3:36 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
This was a really good review. You obviously thoroughly examined the pack and looked at a lot of the textures one by one. This should definitely have more views and diamonds! :D Diamond for you!
07/03/2012 4:19 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
Thank you sir! :) It was a very good texture pack!!!
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