An explosion of Blossoms

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Its been a couple days and most of the flowers have opened on the peach trees. The bees are buzzing around, trying to get the nectar while it lasts. One heavy rain or strong wind and all the flowers will fall off. Some trees, like the coconut, have male and female trees, and only the female will produce fruit. Most fruit trees, like our peaches, figs and plums, are unisex but self-sterile, so they still need to cross-pollinate with a compatible species. It is always best to plant at least two of the same kind of fruit tree. We've planted ours about 10 feet apart, 15 years ago, and they are very happy. The first couple years, we give them lots of water, but after that they are self sufficient, unless we get a really hot summer. We have tried apples, oranges, and pecans as well, but they did not work out, something about the soil or temperature. If you do want to have some fruits in your yard, don't get discouraged if the first ones don't work out. Eventually you will find something that thrives in your climate! I tried taking the picture with both of my cameras, neither one does them justice, but hopefully you can tell how beautiful they are.
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