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An Idea for Shaders (Will it work???)

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avatar Phoenix_Tamer
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Hey guys! I don't think I've talked about loving shaders, because I always go on multiplayer and I can't use shaders that way.  Yup, I know.  Shaders are amazing.  Well what if we could use it on multiplayer?

I've always wanted to know how... Maybe sooner or later shaders will get so popular the minecraft team will add it like its a resource pack. 

But for now... We can't.  I'm not a developer (I don't know how to program or write javascript or anything like that) so this idea probably won't work.  Even though it probably won't, just keep reading (especially if you're a very osm programmer and IT guy (well or girl)).

I was reading about shaders in the minecraft gamepedia.  For the passes part, it looked something like this:

Ya see all that json fsh vsh thing?  I'm sorry I don't understand what they mean, but I'm smart enough to know that those files contribute to super secret settings. 

Well I think you know what I'm thinking now.  Good programmers could try to find where mojang put these files, and make their own shaders with these files!  I know it will be hard switching here and there just to get to that shader, but its way worth it to make shaders work on multiplayer.

I don't think it will work and I don't know how complicating programming is, but well, an idea's an idea! I just had to put it up here.

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