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An interesting battle between factions.

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So it was one of those days when you are so bored that you go to your least favorite type of server, In my case, that is a faction server. So after a few minutes of roaming around and hiding from spawn campers, I saw someone in the chat talk about this epic faction war that occurred 2 months ago. I will try to retell as much as I can of the story.
One day, the two most powerful factions on the server at the time, one called The Elite Legion and the other called The Firecrackers, started having tensions to one another. This was because The Elite Legion wanted to expand it's land while The Firecrackers refused. After a few more weeks of tension, something snapped. The Elite Legions sent a spy to The Firecrackers base and caused a large amount of land loss. The Firecrackers were enraged. They had worked hard using redstone traps and Tn'T cannons to get their land, now they lost 70% of it due to a traitor coming into the base.

The Firecrackers were devising a plan like no other to get all of their land back. They decided to surround The Elite Legion's entire base with redstone traps. Then, they would strategically place soldiers around the base to provoke The Elite Legion's soldiers to fall into the traps. Finally, the plan was ready.

The Firecrackers made the redstone traps, walked near The Elite Legion's base, provoked them to chase them down, dodged their own traps, and waited to see The Elite Legion's soldiers fall into traps one by one.

After that conflict, The Elite Legion decided to make a peace treaty, since they lost many members and gear that day. The Firecrackers agreed and the server continued on with it's minor conflicts. But many say that that was one of the best faction wars that was ever made on the server.
What do you guys think of that faction war?
Would you have wanted to take part in this conflict?

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