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Ancient Minecraft (Somewhat a Story)

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Minecraft as we know it is a 'fairly' advanced world, with the structures we create, soceities, or servers, and innovation.'What happened before all of this?', is the real question though. What happened before the creepers, the mobs, and the creation of Steve? We must go to the start of the story for full understanding.


(Notch's Journal)
I have started a new journal to track my new "Game". Maybe, I call it ... " Craft Mine "? No, it is not right. Hmm, Minecraft is better. It must be the name of my creation. I expect to be a small project, but.

The world as of then, did not exist, it was only a simple idea. The expanse space we know of was simply blank, a untouched universe painted blank, or a complete white. Physically impossible for any creatures, including "Steve" to live in. Even day by day, with each new block added it was still a desolate area. Covered by by a limited plane. This is what we can define as "The start of prehistoric Minecraft". As much as we'd like evolution to exist in this world, it was defined by the creator each creature coded to do specific things, and that does not exclude Steve. For the longest time, Steve in Notch's eyes was at first sought to be an NPC, someone you'd encounter and not the hero, the noob, or the standard player. Fights between developers led up to the idea of the "Creeper", the signature of Minecraft. As ideas clashed and were thrown around, eventually, someone, brought up the idea of a "Creeper" although its' original design is nothing like what we see today. The original creeper, in the original plane was... how you say... somewhat self-thinking. They tried this on other mobs attempting to encourage a better system for them, a better way to think, but alas. It's all still code. Prehistoric Minecraft was starting to take on more of a shape, a definition to hold for its name. By this time, Notch had tried adding dinosuars, and other creatures into the game which got taken out before any evidence of them leaked out, at least until now. It's said in Notch's journal that before official release he had tried testing many things. Many things that took painful man hours to produce which in the end were the equivalent to nothing. The closest we have to this age of Minecraft is a popular mod. During the prehistoric age of Minecraft, these creatures roamed around even before the supposed Herobrine existed. The creatures consisted of dinosuars, fish, birds, bugs, anything that comes to mind when you think "Prehistoric". The game actually had it at one point, but Notch believed that this wasn't "Minecraft". So, the removal of the prehistoric ages began. A fright between the mobs and the gods.

"So, for the upcoming release as we're hitting 2008, the following features will be removed and replaced with more survivalist feeling enviroments." Markus sighed as the thought of good amount of his hard work and man hours fell into the drain.

The developers and desginers all shared grim looks and watched as Markus, or Notch crossed out many features of the game that once existed.

xPrehistoric mobs
xSteve as an NPC
xJeb's Journal

Many more, too.

Meanwhile, in the game.

Panic settled over the crowd of mobs as Markus began deleting codes. Each monster becoming white and untextured returning to the space of blankness where they came from originally, to be never seen again. Then, that may happen to all mobs when they despawn too. Maybe that's where they go, but that story may be for another day.
Extra dimensions were disappearing block by block, texture by texture. By the end of the night, all that remained was a shell of an old world which was to be claimed by the flood of new players from all over the world. This is known as, "Common Era Minecraft". Which we know today, we know what evolved from what, what new blocks came about. Mainly because it's all documented, unlike the CEM's counterpart which we only know of by stories and very few journal entries. There's a possiblity though, that someday, all of those stories may come true and become Minecraft reality.

-Keep in mind this is ONLY A STORY
-It's just my ideas
-Leave feedback please :)

09/18/2013 3:50 pm
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09/17/2013 5:09 pm
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P.S: Creepers weren't an idea. It was a pig coding gone wrong which changed the texture to a mess. They just decided to make it more mob-like, and gave it features like a mouth and eyes.
09/17/2013 5:33 pm
Level 22 : Expert Architect
I know :P It was just for the purpose of the story that I did that.
09/17/2013 5:04 pm
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You put:Maybe, I call it ... "Mine Craft"? No, it is not right. Hmm, Minecraft is better.
It should've been "Craft Mine." x3
09/17/2013 5:34 pm
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09/17/2013 5:02 pm
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